Why do fake nails hurt

We all know how difficult it is to manage your long natural nails. Therefore, most of us prefer acrylic nails as an alternative. 


It’s a plus point that you can remove and put on them whenever you want. However, you may face some issues due to fake nails.

Are your natural nails hurting after removing fake nails? You may be wondering how to get out of this miserable situation?


I got you, as I have personally suffered from this severe soreness.

Usually, acrylic nails hurt for a day as you apply them to your natural nails, but it’s normal. Mainly, the soreness you feel in your nails is due to the tightening effect as your nails start adhering to the surface of your natural nail.

Let’s find out some more reasons why fake nails hurt? 

 Reasons you may hurt your nails due to acrylic nails.

Mishandling the fake nails is the main reason you may get hurt. It would help if you were pretty careful and vigilant while applying them; otherwise, the consequences would be rather risky.

Have a look at the following aspects; you might be making the same mistakes.

Using glue for fixing your nails

The first and foremost cause of hurting nails is the glue used for applying fake nails on your natural nails. You can’t ignore the pain in your nails for the sake of beauty. Right? 

Therefore, primarily you need to confirm whether your nails are hurting due to glue or some other reason?

Once you get the positive answer, let me make clear why this is so?

There might be two reasons for this,

  • You might use expired nail glue. After the glue expires, the chemical composition gets changed. Such chemicals may irritate your nail beds and lead to pain.
  • Moreover, if you use other glues instead of nail glue, you have to face severe issues again. Especially, super glue and Krazy glue are worst for your nails.

Excess pressure applied on nails.

In the case of press-on fake nails, you have to apply an adequate amount of pressure on them to fix them perfectly. However, if you exert excess pressure on your nails, it may cause pain. 

Mainly, makeup artists or technicians make such mistakes. This is because they don’t know how much force they’re putting on the clients’ nails.

Therefore, avoid putting too much pressure on your fake nails in order to fix them perfectly and firmly.

Pushing cuticles violently 

If you have ever applied acrylic nails, you may know you have to push your cuticles. This is because fake nails need a space to adjust better on your natural nails. 

But, here, you mostly make a mistake. What’s that mistake?

Mostly, you or your technician push your cuticles forcefully and abruptly. This may damage and hurt your cuticles severely.

Furthermore, some women trim their overgrown cuticles to rest the fake nails comfortably. This leads to cuts in your cuticles, and they may bleed. Afterward, there are greater chances of infection in these injuries.

Therefore, avoid playing with your cuticles to fix your so-called nail extensions.

Applying the gel top coat immediately after removing acrylic nails

Some people apply the gel top coat right after removing their acrylic nails from their natural nails. They wonder that this coat might protect their nails, but it’s not so. Why? 

Basically, our natural nails are made up of dead keratin cells, and keratin hardens in contact with air. Therefore, while you’re using acrylic nails for an extended period, your nails become soft.

Additionally, if you cover them again with a gel coat, your nails are devoid of air contact for more time. This may bend or break your natural nails.

Filing off too many layers of natural nails

If your nails are coated with a transparent gel topcoat, and you’re trying to remove it, you need to be pretty cautious. This is because when you start filing off your nails, you may not know when the gel top coat ended.

Due to this, you can come across filing off too many layers from your natural nails.

Believe me; this is very painful!

On the other hand, it can also lead to sensitive little red patches, or you may say burns on the surface of your nails. With such condition of your nails, you can never do anything with your hands.

Additionally, if you’ll wash your hands with warm or cold water in this condition, the pain will be unbearable.

So, be careful!

Due to infections or injuries

Infections in your nails may also lead to pain. But, you may think, how is an infection caused due to fake nails?

The answer is pretty simple. While applying fake nails, you come across various tools. If those tools are not sanitized, the germs may cause severe infections in your nails.

So, make sure to sanitize your tools every time you need to use them.

Moreover, breakage of the fake nails may cause injury. Mainly, they break if your nails get in contact or rubbed against some more rigid surface.

How to prevent your nails from hurting?

Now, you might be in search of some solution for preventing your sore nails. Here, I come with some practical tips that would be pretty helpful for treating your nails after removing fake nails.

  • Dip your fingers in cold water for at least 10 minutes after removing the acrylic nails. This results in the reduction of swelling and pain.
  • Keep your nails clean and dry in order to reduce the chances of infection or fungus growth.
  • Try to elevate your hands after using fake nails. It’ll slow down the blood flow towards the fingers.

Final verdict 

Finally, you’re well aware of the causes; why do fake nails hurt?. Therefore, try to avoid the mistakes that you often make while using acrylic nails.

Moreover, if your nails hurt severely, let your nail technician know that you’re facing problems with your fake nails. He’ll then go for easy and smooth buffing. 

But, if he doesn’t do this, change the technician or salon. 

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