Which type of nails lasts longest

We all want the type of long pretty looking nails that last longest in terms of staying. When we think about the manicure the first thought in our mind regarding nails is gel or acrylics.


These two types of nails in the nail industry are known for that they last for a good time. However, there are also so many techniques to try for your next manicure.

Other than that dip powder nails are also one of the best inventions in nail technology. Dip powder nails are also known for the period they last for.

As all of them are different from each other, so, the lasting period is also different.

Acrylic Nail Extension

Acrylic nails are a great way to your nail for a charming look. However, the breakage, cracks, and lifting nails, all can get in your way. We have some of the tips that can last your acrylics long.

Acrylic lasts for as long as two to three weeks maximum. While in this time you can’t do anything about the natural growth of your nails but you can take care of your acrylic nails.

Visit a good nail studio 

 A good choice of the palace where you are confident to go is always recommended. Don’t try any inexperienced person that can damage your nails with a bad extension quality.

Take care of your nails: 

Always be careful while doing your household chores. Avoid using cleaners as they have harmful chemicals which can easily destroy your nails. Also, dipping your nails in warm soapy water can be unfortunate news as they help in lifting nails. Make sure you use any kind of plastic or cloth gloves.

Do not pressure your nails

Try avoiding your nails involved in so many things while you can do that with your palm. We all like the tapping sound of acrylics but it is not healthy for your nails. 

By taking all these necessary precautions your acrylics nails can last longer as told by your nail technician. You just have to take care of them nicely.

Gel Nails Extension 

A gel manicure is required of gel nail polish which is better than regular nail polish as it does not chip of regularly. A UV light is required to lock the gel paint on your nails.

Gel nails could last like two weeks with perfect care at your home using cuticle oil and hand lotion. However, if you are pretty careful with your nails, they can last for up to four weeks. 

Nail dermatologist has some techniques to maintain your nails and hands after gel nails extension.

• As far as gel nails are concerned they look so mesmerizing but they have cons also.

• Gel nails can cause problems like nail brittleness, can risk cancer, premature skin aging.

• Try to avoid being so much regular with gel nails extension.

• Take time from applying nail polish daily.

• Hydrate your nails as much as possible.

As is the case in so many things is consistency is the key but when it comes to gel nails extension it is not. Try to get gel nails only for special occasions to avoid the risk of damage to your natural nails.

Gel nails are surely beautiful with a lot of shine and glamour but that can also cause a problem too.

Dip Powder Nails

As a result of debate between gel and dip nails, most of the response is in favor of dip powder nails. Also, they are known for staying more time.

Dip powder nails are also known as SNS nails. Let’s be so easy with the concept that few things are satisfying in the world of glamour as a perfect set of nails.

Gel nails and acrylic nails are getting so much attention and now it is surely a time to introduce dip powder nails. 

The technique to work with dip powder nails is to dip the nail into a colored powder or brush the powder on your nails and set out. The result is so beautiful as it lasts for over a month without any chipping.

How to maintain your dip powder nails

• Try to avoid putting nail polish on your cuticles.

• Dry out the nails properly after a coat of dip powder.

• After the first coat is dry, reapply the first coat again.

• Avoid using hand sanitizer.

To take care of your nails after dipping powder nails follow the instructions below:

• Leave your cuticle alone.

• Do skip the double-dip.

• Get your one dip nail for the first time only.

• Give your nails time to cure the damage of dip powder nails.

• Try to get a look at your bare nails before getting a manicure.

How to take care of your nails after getting nail extensions?

After getting all kinds of nail extensions try to avoid them getting again for a time being. As you have to give your nails time to, recover from the damage that has been caused because of extensions.

To maintain the health of your nails always do hydrate them. Keep a nail cream, cuticle oil, or any essential oil handy. Do moisturize your nails with nail cream all day long whenever you feel your nails are getting dry. 

If you are using cuticle oil try to use it only two times a day not more than that. 


As the growing fashion of nail extension in the nail industry, acrylic nails and gel nails have got undeniable fame. They look very well but also have cons too.

Too much nail extension can risk cancer. Try to avoid getting nail extensions more frequently. The acrylic nails, gel nails, and dip powder nails are different from each other. And, also, the lasting time of all of them is different from each other. With plenty of gentle care and attention, you can make them last for a longer period. 

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