Which are the healthiest fake nails?

Are you the one who is tired of hectic manicures and looking for the perfect, simple, sturdy, yet healthy manicure? Let’s be honest you are not the only one around.


We primarily hear the heartbreaking stories of nails getting damaged. More importantly, when you are not as careful for your nails, it leads to ultimate damage to them.

You now want to get a perfect healthy manicure. Don’t worry we have got your back. There are plenty of other options you can choose for your nails. A lot of variety to manicures has been added recently that you should try out.

Acrylic Nails

As acrylic nails are too popular nowadays. No doubt acrylic nails are great in so many ways as they stay for a longer period. They look so beautiful and enhance the look and also there is very little chance of breakage.

However, acrylic nails have so many flaws too such as

• They are expensive.

• Hard to apply.

• A lot of usage of chemicals.

• Not good for people with thin or sensitive nails.

So many people want some alternatives that are healthy ways of keeping long nails. As these are the purposes of why people are shifting from acrylic nails.

Here are a few alternatives that can be used instead of acrylic nails and are a little healthier by the process of acrylic nails.

• Gel nail extension 

Press-on nails

• Nail sticker 

• Gel nail paint

• Dip powder nails

Gel Nail extension

You can try out gel nail extensions instead of acrylic nails. As they are more durable, lightweight, and more enhancing. Also, the image of gel nail extension looks more natural than acrylic nails.

Both nail extensions are different from each other in the form of products that have been used. But the appearance is built as a natural nail.

Adepts of gel nail extension 

• Healthy for your nails.

• The tips of the extension are noticeably lighter.

• No usage of any kind of harsh chemicals

• The process of extension is not at all time taking.

• Very easy to peel off 

• Durable 

Press-on nails 

Press-on nails are a kind of nail extension that you can directly apply to your nails with the help of adhesive glue, glue dots, double-sided tape, or also using a DIY hack.

  The good side of press-on nails

• Very much less time taking you can easily paste press-on in like ten to fifteen minutes.

• No use of chemicals, you just have to apply a coat of adhesive nail glue and stick.

• Very lightweight and easy to remove, just soak your nails in warm soapy water and pluck them out.

• Pocket friendly and Pocket-friendly.

But there is a little issue with press-on nails if you are not applying enough adhesive glue nails will pop off. Working with heavy equipment in which your nails are contacted can also harm your press-on nails.

If taken care of nicely they can easily last for two weeks and above.

Dip Powder Nails

Dip powder nails are commonly known as SNS nails. You can try DIP powder nails with the replacement of acrylic nails or gel extensions. This works by dipping a brush in color and applying it to the nail.

They are referred to as a simple manicure but you can also raise the tip and make a nail extension. 

Pleasant side of Dip Powder Nails

• They are easy to apply as you can take a brush, dip it into the color and apply it to your nail.

• No usage of harsh chemicals and dip powder nails are considered healthy for your nails.

• Do not require a UV lamp as in gel extension.

• There is no smell in the dip powder nails.

• Very long-lasting, considered to last up to a month.

Dip powder nails are considered healthy but they do cost a lot.  Also, they feel heavier than gel nail extensions on your nail tips. 

However, in the scenario of breakage, they are hard to remove.

Gel Nail Polish 

As deemed regarding acrylics, gel nails, dip powder nails, gel nails polish is known as a cheap alternative. Gel nail polish is durable and long-lasting and easy to apply.

Now by using gel nail polish you can develop a tip but it won’t last for a long time as acrylic nails or gel extension. However, you can work out with it.

Gel nail polish is reformed with the help of a led UV lamp. It can easily last for at least three to four weeks without peeling off or chipping off. They are like regular nail polish but more durable than that.

Nail Stickers/ Paper Nail Extension 

Nail stickers are also known as nail paper wraps or polish strips. You can use nail stickers when you want easy nail extension on your own. It is affordable but they don’t last like a proper extension.

Only not lasting furthermore is the only deficiency of Nail stickers.

These are all known as healthy alternatives to acrylic nails. Also, they do not have the usage of harsh chemicals which can damage your nails. All the alternatives are lightweight and durable.

But foremost the reason is that the price range is not the same for all. It varies on different prices and also the lasting period is different too. If taken nice care, they can last longer.


The concluding subject would be that everyone wants to get their manicure done but as usual, they are not a healthy solution. Reviving your nails you have to give some time to your nails to breathe out.

Other than that you have so many alternatives in the market you can go for. As mentioned above are the good options to go for. Sleeking these nails is the easiest task as they are entirely simple because they are very lightweight.

Try them out right now and give your nails a little moment to get fixed by all the damage they have done.

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