What to use Instead of nail glue?

As you know, the growing trend about fake stick/press on nails and nail glue is emerging day by day. This trend has become a major in every girl’s life to attempt.

What to use Instead of nail glue

Nail glue makes your manicure very easy, and it is also so less expensive on your pocket, but surely there is some pretty mess about the nail glue too.

Using the nail glue on your nails every time you press on nails makes your nails weak, wrecked, and unsustainable.

Nail glue can become such a mess to your skin around your nails and your nails too. Generally, applying nail glue can make your skin around nails ripped off.

It is also sometimes stuck to the nails and skin, and it won’t go for a very long period which is supposedly a mess, and your nails feel wrecked out after that.

Using the nail glue every time also may cause a nail infection, or the side effects are like your nails would not grow fast.

However, you all have the question: What should we use instead of nail glue or homemade glue? So, there are so many other options you can try.

What should we use instead of nail glue?

There are so many options available in the marketplace for you to use instead of nail glue. However, if you all want the mess-free easy way diva look, you must check out the alternatives to the nail glue.

If you want to wear fake nails on any special occasion and don’t want to attach your nails with glue, you can try so many options.

Wearing stick-on nails with glue sure does look perfect, but maybe you want to change your look without being recognized, or you want to avoid the nail glue so you can try the other option.

Double-sided Tape:

Instead of glue, you can put double-sided tape on your nails and stick your fake nails. It is an easy way also. It may not last as long as the glue, but surely it will make you work out of it.

The double-sided tape is something you may call a healthy way to stick your fake nails with appropriate looks and not get your nails harmed anytime.

Adhesive Nail Tabs:

The adhesive nail tabs are a good option instead of the nail glue. It also lasts for a couple of days. Moreover, you can have an easy hand on the adhesive tabs as they are available everywhere now.

There are so many benefits of soft adhesive nail tabs to your nails; they do not leave a stain on your nails,  nail tabs come out so quickly, and you can reuse them ideally.

It also doesn’t cause any harm to the skin around your nails while sticking your fake nails or taking them out. The process remains gentle and easy.

Adhesive nail tabs are very budget-friendly and very easy to apply.

Other than that, you can also apply a single coat of clear nail polish, and you can still put on your fake nails with this technique. It will also work pretty well, and also it is not harmful; you just have to put on a base coat and apply the sticker on the nail.

Acrylic Mixture Glue:

Other than that, Acrylic mixture glue is on the go now, but it is a bit expensive. The acrylic mixture is a powder mixture used to make acrylic nails that you get done in salons.

Acrylic glue probably lasts for so long on your fake/stick-on nails rather than ordinary nail glue. However, Acrylic glue is long-lasting and durable regarding how many weeks it’ll stay on your nails.

How else, acrylic nail glue is the other source than nail glue, but they are very harsh on your nails, especially when you are removing them, and they are also more expensive than nail glue and a bit technical to apply.

You must hire a professional, or you have to go to the salon to get your acrylics nail glue.

Except for the acrylic nail mixture and adhesive nail tabs, there is also another hack that you can use instead of glue which is known as DIY nail glue.

DIY Nail Glue:

The DIY nail glue is something that you have to make from scratch and then use it. However, it can be so simple and easy to just make it on your own at your home and use it.

The DIY nail glue does not contain so much harsh substance, and they also do not hurt the growth of your nails.

Now that the DIY glue is not super long-lasting, it could last for a day or two, or it depends on the amount of work and activity you perform in your daily routine.

Glue Dots:

Glue dots are another kind of adhesive that you can use to apply your fake nails. Glue dots are double-sided instant bonding adhesives that you use if you are a daily consumer.

It is also a safe option to apply your nails regularly and get your manicure done without using nail glue. It also stays for a good period, and it is also easy to apply and reasonable.


It is a widespread debate now and then regarding nail glue; some people like it, and some don’t.  It sure does have its pros and cons.

The nail glues are so easy to afford, but they are pretty much tough to use, and also, sometimes, if you are not applying the glue correctly, they may hurt your nails and the skin around your nails.

So instead of nail glue, there are so many replacements available in the market, such as nails tabs, acrylic adhesive, DIY hacks, and glue dots.

They are very readily available and very much affordable. You can use them at home and get a perfect go-to manicure done quickly on your own.

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