What to Do When Acrylic Nail Lifted Real Nail

Acrylic nails add glamour to your beauty. Most of you might be inspired by their looks and designs. No doubt, acrylic nails offer a remarkable appearance. 


However, in addition to the plus points of acrylic nails, we can’t ignore the problems caused by them. Have your nails ever suffered from pain if you’re an acrylic nail user? Does acrylic nail ever lift your real nails? 

I wonder, most of you have suffered from this issue. Your natural nail is usually lifted while removing the acrylics from your nails. 

I know how painful it would be for you.

Acrylic nails are applied with the help of nail glue. If your natural nail gets injured, there are maximum chances of ripping off your natural nail. 

Undoubtedly, this damage is pretty painful and bloody. 

After my acrylic manicure, I was also frantic about what if my nail lifted accidentally. Sometimes, your entire Nail gets ripped off due to the hasty removal of acrylic enhancements, so the fear is absolute.

We are here with some solutions for your assistance if your acrylic nail lifted your real nail. Therefore, through this article, let’s see how you should react when you face such a situation.

Why does your acrylic nail rip off your real nail? 

There are some reasons which cause the lifting of your natural nails. Let’s know some of them right now;

  1. Poor application of acrylics

Application of the fact nails matter a lot in their quality performance. The durability, as well as your safety, depends upon the correct and careful application. 

Therefore, ensure that you get your acrylic manicure from some well-known salons or nail technicians. Your nail technician’s slight negligence and the poor job can lead you to face serious circumstances. 

The minor gaps left during the manicure allow the water to seep inside your nail, resulting in bacterial and fungal infections. Fungus weakens your nail and results in breakage.

Furthermore, if your acrylic nails are fixed improperly, there are greater chances that they may tangle in something and lift your real nail. 

  • Acrylic snag and long term use

Snagging your acrylic nails is quite risky, as it mostly lifts your real nail. Mostly, this happens accidentally; your nails may drag on walls, clothes, or other surfaces. The force is so high that your nails can’t bear it.

Moreover, long-term usage of acrylic nails also creates problems. Make sure that you relax your nails after removing fake nails from your real nails for at least a month. 

It would be best to keep your nails short and clean during this time to gain healthy nails. 

3  Inappropriate removal of acrylic nails

You should be aware of the right method of removing acrylic nails. Otherwise, there are greater chances that you may hurt your nails. 

Mainly, people peel off the fake nails very roughly, which results in great damage. Lifting of your natural nails is also the result of incorrect removal. 

Assess the damage 

If you experience some pain in your nail when you are wearing acrylic nails, you should first follow to assess the damage. You need to determine whether your natural nail bed is damaged or the nail tip is lifted. 

How can you discover it? 

Lift your acrylic nail pretty gently and safely. If you experience pain while doing this, it signs that the acrylic nail has removed some part of your real nail. However, if it starts bleeding, the nail bed is injured. 

Usually, at this point, if people discover slight damage or a small spot, they glue the acrylic nail back. It’s not good for you, as it can increase the chances of fungal growth. 

Therefore, remove your acrylic nail on the first attempt whenever you face such situations. Make sure you do it gently without damaging your real nail further. 

How to deal with broken nails? 

Whenever your real nail gets lifted, it won’t rip off the whole nail. If it’s damaged from the tip, the first and foremost step you need to take is to cut off your nail, especially the broken portion. 

  • Ensure that you trim the nail pretty carefully so that your skin may not come in your nail trimmer. 
  • Then use soap and water to clean the surrounding areas of the lifted nail. Make sure that you absorb it finely with a cotton bud if there is some blood. 
  • Soak your damaged nail in cold water for some minutes to reduce the redness, swelling, or pain. However, you may also prepare a solution of half a tablespoon of salt dissolved in 2 cups of warm water to soak your nail.
  • After a thorough cleansing, apply an appropriate bandage a bit loosely to prevent bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Finally, keep observing your affected nail to watch the appearance of any signs of infection.
  • Usually, you may come across pain, redness, swelling, pus, and sometimes throbbing. You should immediately rush towards the doctor for further treatment in such cases. 

Precautionary Measures 

While using acrylic nails, you should treat them gently in order to avoid nail lifting. Following are some necessary precautions to be taken;

  • Never use your nails for opening hard things such as cans, especially if you have done acrylics.
  • Always keep your hands neat and clean. Wash them with soap.
  • Make sure your acrylic nails remain dry most of the time. Always use a towel for drying your hands after every washing.
  • Don’t go for your acrylic nails for a much longer period. Instead, get a new set frequently.
  • Prefer acrylic nails of shorter length.
  • Don’t file your nails roughly; this may weaken the surface of your natural nail.
  • Remove the acrylic nails very gently and carefully. Never pop them off in a hurry.

Bottom line

Nail extensions showcase your hands and fingers. They are a source of style and modernism for you. However, to enjoy acrylic nails, your priority should be the care of your nails.

Undoubtedly, we all know how painful the lifting of your natural nail is. Luckily, we have the solution of treating such situations, which we have conveyed to you through this article.

Although nail healing takes a pretty long time, so you should let your nails breathe for some time to grow stronger.

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