What to do if you don’t have nail glue

When discussing the world of artificial nails, we usually talk about various types of fake nails, methods of their application or removal, durability, shapes, designs, etc. However, we never take into account the worth of nail glue. 


Don’t you think nail glue is the backbone of fake nails? 

Of course, yes!

Nail glue is the best source to adhere the fake nails with your natural nail bed. Moreover, it provides durability to your artificial nails. According to most nail technicians, it’s impossible to go longer with your fake nails without nail glue. 

At this point, I know some of you will not agree with me. This is because some people are allergic to nail glues and can’t bear the harsh consequences of nail glues. Though the number of such people is below average, we still need to seek out this problem.

What do you say? Should we find some alternatives to nail glue? 

I’m sure you’re super excited to know about them. Therefore, let me explain some exciting alternatives to nail glue. 

Best alternatives of nail glue 

Let me clarify that these alternatives are not only specified for those sensitive to nail glue; instead, one like me can also use them. Yeah, I’m not particularly eager to carry my fake nails for a long time because I get bored of them. So if you are also facing this issue, this article will absolutely help you out. 

Wondering how?

Imagine if you have to remove your artificial nails frequently, then why you should use such a strong adhesive. It’s simple! Though you can use some lighter glue, it’ll be easy for you to remove your nails. Isn’t it? 

I hope you got my point; let’s move forward.

Following are some best tips to be used in case you don’t have nail glue;

Nail tabs

Nail tabs are the easiest and safest option of adhering to your artificial nails, including press-on nails. They are super easy to apply and remove. Without any glue, you can hold your fake nails to your nail bed with these sticky tabs.

While applying them to your nails, it’s better to paste them first on your natural nail bed. Make sure you cover the whole nail with the nail tab. Then peel off the sheet and accurately adjust the artificial or press-on nail on it. Finally, exert gentle pressure on them for a few minutes to ensure better fixing. 

You’ll love nail tabs while removing the fake nails because they don’t damage your nails at all. Moreover, it makes your fake nails reusable. 

However, nail tabs don’t last long. They pop off your nails sooner. In addition, some bad quality nail tabs may not provide better attachment, so you need to be cautious while buying them.

Press-on nails

I’m sure you’ll be well aware of the type of fake nail called Press-on nails. No doubt, press-ons are very trendy nowadays. You can use Press-on nails both with and without nail glue.

Therefore, you can buy the press-on nails that require no glue for the application in case of no glue, but longevity should be your priority. Such press-on nails are already installed with the adhesive, which can easily attach to your natural nail bed by applying a little pressure. 

Press-on nails are pretty user friendly.

Acrylic mixture

Are you seeking the method which provides your fake nails with extra durability than nail glue? Or are you a housewife or a chef who has quite a long exposure of their nails to heat and moisture? 

The acrylic mixture is the best option to tackle the situation mentioned above. From the term acrylic mixture, I mean the liquid and acrylic powder. 

Acrylic mixture holds your fake nails superbly and lasts for more than three weeks. Further, it is capable of bearing harsh conditions.

Wow! Isn’t it amazing?

You may find using the acrylic mixture much tricky compared to glue or other alternatives. Therefore, let me guide you a bit about the application method.

After preparing your nails for application:

  1. Take a brush and dip it in acrylic liquid first and then powder.
  2. Mix both of them and make a bead-like structure.
  3. Place this bead of the acrylic mixture on your natural nail and spread it over the whole surface.
  4. Adjust the fake or press-on nail on it and hold it for a few seconds, and it’s done. 

However, the acrylic mixture is not that gentle to your nails, especially while removing. It is quite tough and challenging to remove them from your nails. You need to soak your nails in acetone for at least 10 to 15 minutes, which is not good. 

Gel nail polish 

Gel nail polish can also act as an adhesive for the attachment of your press-on or fake nails. However, you may observe that gel nail polish doesn’t work as an adhesive for opaque or dark-coloured artificial nails. Due to the dark colour, the red light and UV rays won’t pass through it to cure your nail.

Although, gel nail polish show a remarkable performance on transparent fake and press-on nails. It provides pretty strong adhesion, which lasts up to 1 to 2 weeks. 

Also, it’s pretty simple and easy to apply. Almost everyone is aware of its use. 

What Are the Drawbacks of Nail Glue?

Nail glue can be dangerous for you if not used appropriately. The best way to use it is to apply a small quantity to your nail. If you use a bulk amount of glue, it will definitely harm your nails and skin.

Usually, Nail glues cause allergic reactions and dryness to your skin and nails. Moreover, it weakens the Nail bed as it results in a thin layer of the nail. It took pretty long for the nail to regrow. 


Finally, after reading this epic article, you are left with enough options. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy these methods to the fullest. 

These alternatives are especially gems for those who are sensitive to nail glues. 

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