What can I use instead of nail glue?

In a world loaded with design and charm, everybody needs to look tasteful and rich. But, to look great, your hands should look fantastic. Fake nails add more magnificence and an ideal class to your hands.


Acrylic nails are a straightforward and elegant method of making your nails look amazing. The plus point of acrylic nails is that if one breaks, it might be fixed at home using different techniques.

Accepting you wanted to apply false nails any way you’d like to do whatever it takes not to use fake nail stick (on the other hand, in case you don’t have any accessible), you should search for the elective one. There are different ways and simple methods to do such. These methods are effortless to utilize and show the best results.

Here are listed a few methods and techniques.

• Eyelash glue can be used.

• Transparent Nail polish

• Nail Tabs 

• Double-sided tape

• Homemade nail glue

• Superglue( It can be used, but it is not recommended)

Eyelash Glue

Assume you need to wear counterfeit nails for a short span; however you don’t have a nail stick at the spot. Maybe than going to the salon, you would pick the most basic and straightforward choice. You can go for an eyelash stick. It doesn’t keep going long; however, it could work for a brief time frame. Thus, it’s the ideal choice.

The Downside of Eyelash glue

  • Eyelash glue has the drawback that it cannot last for long. Instead, it lasts for a short period. So, it makes it less effective.
  • Transparent or Gel nail polish 
  • It adheres to fake nails to too much extent. Take transparent nail polish and apply some to the nails. Gently place the fake nails and let them dry. It works well.

Nail Tabs

Nail tabs are uncommonly made twofold-sided tape that can be utilized to stick counterfeit nails or Press on Nails onto your nails. They come in different sizes that permit them to fit serenely with your different nail sizes.

 Presently the disadvantage with nail tabs is that they are not as solid and dependable contrasted with a nail stick. Yet, they are milder and gentler on your nails, and they take into account your Press on Nails to be reused.

Extremely Gentle on your nails Nail Tabs will not harm your nail plate, and they don’t need unforgiving synthetic substances like CH3)2CO to be eliminated. 

Simple to Remove – Just absorb your nails warm lathery water for 1-2 minutes. 

Available at Affordable prices

Simple to Apply

How are Nail Tabs applied to wear fake nails?

• The first and foremost thing is to prepare your nails; you can begin by washing every one of your nails with a cleanser and warm water. 

• Next utilizing a fingernail skin pusher, push back and eliminate any fingernail skin on your nails. 

• Then, at that point, utilize a nail cradle to buff your nails tenderly. 

• The last preparation advance is to wipe your nails with either scouring liquor or CH3)2CO. 

• You see by preparing your nails before applying the nail tabs permits them to hold fast better than your regular nails. 

• Apply the nail tab.

• You see, this permits you to control precisely where the nail tab is put, permitting you to cover the majority of the nail. 

• Then, eliminate the top front of the nail tab and afterward place the Press on Nail onto the nail and immovably hold it for 20-30 seconds. 

• At last, tenderly rub the Press on Nail onto the nail. This assists with eliminating any air pockets or closing any holes.

Double-sided tape

Double-sided tape is also a good alternative for nail glue. It is used in the same way as nail tabs are used. But one thing you have to do is to cut the tape in the size of your fingernails.

Homemade Nail Glue

You can make glue at home by utilizing the following steps.

  • Take almost one cup of PVA glue and put it in an open bowl.
  • Gently smash the glue in the bowl and make it even.
  • Now add transparent and clear nail paint to the bowl in a reasonable amount.
  • Now combine the PVA glue and transparent nail polish in one bowl.
  • Use an earbud to mix both ingredients.
  • Make sure that the sides of the bowl do not contain any of the ingredients and are appropriately blended.
  • You can apply this nail glue to your fake nails with the help of cotton bud.

Super Glue

Superglue will allow you to follow and wear fake nails yet will come at an uncommon cost for the strength of your regular nails. Pollution-certified nail hurt and even nail adversity are expected outcomes for the most part. Like this, it is immovably urged not to use super paste for fake nails, picking a nail stick, or A DIY decision.

Superglue and nail have a similar arrangement as the two of them contain cyanoacrylate. Yet, superglue contrasts from nail stick in its consistency. It is very straightforward that anything utilized in its concentrated structure is more harmful and destructive than its weakened structure. 

Because of the barely more grounded engineered materials super paste glue is made of, it won’t be as secured on the skin and may cause your nails to be yellow.

Using superglue may similarly make hurt your nails, at this point, depending upon what you did. If you wipe out super glue by stripping or pulling off your fake nail without solvents, it will cripple your nail, making it more sensitive. It’s moreover more troublesome diverged from nail stick if you use it exorbitantly free to your fingernail skin.


In short, whatever technique or method you choose, you should utilize it safely. There are so many alternatives for nail glue; some of them are easy and much protective, but others are very harmful

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