St Patrick’s Day Coffin Nails

Are you aware of Saint Patrick’s Day?

Of course, you might be! As it’s the most famous Christian feast day, held on 17th March. 

Grand celebrations are held on this day which generally involves cèilìs, parades, and festivals. Moreover, people wear green costumes or shamrocks on this occasion.


Women use St Patrick’s Day Coffin nails on this special day to make the appearance of their hands more adorable and charming. These nails are painted in different shades of green, and fabulous designs are made, especially when the clover symbol is created.

Lengthy coffin nails look more impressive. Therefore, you may go for stylish manicures for St Patrick’s Day to have Coffin acrylic nails. However, you may cut your natural nails in coffin shape; they too can be painted perfectly in classy designs.

I’ll let you know the exciting ways and ideas to paint your coffin nails for St Patrick’s Day through this article.

What are coffin nails?

Coffin nails, also known as Ballerina Nails, are named so because the shape of nails resembles both a coffin and a Ballerina’s slipper, respectively.

There are various well-known shapes of nails used today, but coffin-shaped nails are considered chic and most elegant. Coffin nails don’t have pointed tips; instead, they’re square-shaped from the tip.

How to shape a perfect coffin acrylic nail?

Before painting or designing your nails, you need to give them a perfect shape. So, here I’m to inform you how you can perfectly shape your coffin acrylic nails. Follow the following steps;

  • The first and foremost step is to get some long acrylic nails. 
  • Then, push your cuticles gently and lightly buff the surface of your natural nails for nail tip application.
  • Make clear; you’ve to only apply the acrylic nail at the tip with the help of some adhesive. Moreover, when applying the tip, make sure it reaches from sidewall to sidewall of your natural nail.
  • After fixing the nail, determine how long you want it to be. Cut the extra length with your scissor or nail clipper. 
  • Trim the edges of the nail in order to give it a coffin shape.
  • File the trimmed edges and nail tip; this will provide the perfect shape and smooth edges. Then clean your nails.
  • Now, your coffin nails are ready to be painted.

How to paint your nails for St Patrick’s day?

Do you want to paint your nails yourself at home?


Then, here I come with some unique and striking nail art designs for st Patrick’s day.

Lucky clover

You know very well about the symbol of the cloverleaf associated with St Patrick’s day. What if you paint this symbol on your nails?

Wouldn’t it be perfect?

Of course, yes! Let’s start designing the nail.

Paint your nail with a light green color. Then with the help of a dotting tool, create three big hearts gently and carefully on your green nail. Leave a little space between the hearts and finish the clover by designing a stem with the stripper.

Finally, apply the topcoat to your nail.

Irish flag 

As the celebration of St Patrick’s day is Irish people’s culture, painting an Irish flag on your nails also makes a perfect and cool sense. What do you think? 

Indeed, you’ll go for it. So here we go for the procedure!

Paint the base of your nail white. Next, use an orange stripper to draw a vertical line separating one-third of your nail. Finally, fill it with the orange color.

Then using a light green stripper, draw another vertical line on one-third of the nail. Again fill it with green color. In the end, apply the topcoat.

Leprechaun’s hat 

The green color of the Leprechaun’s hat makes it suitable to be worn on St Patrick’s day. You may easily paint the design of this hat on your nails too. 

You just need to paint your entire nail in green color. Then use a black stripper to draw the two horizontal lines at the tip of the nail and fill it in. 

Now, a buckle is to be drawn on this black strip. Use silver color to draw a square-shaped buckle. Finish your art by applying the shiny topcoat. Here you get Leprechaun’s hat on your nail.

Pot of gold

Now, let’s play with some rainbow colors. First, begin with painting your white nail color. Then pick up the strippers of rainbow colors and draw slightly curved lines up to the tip of the nail. 

After it, draw a slightly thick black line at the tip of the nail. Finally, use the toothpick to paste the golden glitter at the center of the very end of the nail.

Green plaid 

Begin by painting your nails light green. Next, use white, green, and golden strippers to draw some vertical and horizontal lines. Finally, draw a check style using these three colors.

Finally, add a lovely shine to your nail by the topcoat.

How to encapsulate green glitter on your coffin nails for St Patrick’s day?

Apply the base coat once you have applied your fake coffin nails at the tip of your natural nails. Then, use the poly nail extension gel on your nail. After it, pick up the green pearl glitter with a brush and paste it over your coffin nails.

Apply it on your nails in different ways to make them look more adorable. Again apply the nail gel over the glitter to encapsulate it. Next, apply the alcohol and file your nails finely. 

Remove the dust from your nails after filing and apply the topcoat. It will provide a shiny and neat look to your St Patrick’s day coffin nails.

Final words 

I have tried my best to explain the most relevant classic nail arts regarding St Patrick’s day in this article. I hope that you find these designs pretty beneficial. 

However, you don’t need to be restricted to only the designs mentioned above. For example, there’re hundreds of designs of St Patrick’s day coffin nails.

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