Removing contacts with long nails

Having a perfect manicure surely gives you charm and elegance to your whole look, and you look all so put together all the time, no matter where you are going. We do get our nails with so many ideas and money invested in a perfect manicure.


We grow our nails long; we go for nail extensions, acrylic nails, or fake stick-on nails. No doubt, working with long nails is not easy, even when you have to glam up and do everything yourself.

You also have to take care of them and make sure that your nails are clean and perfect.

While talking about working with long nails, so many things are super hard to do. Whether you have naturally long nails or artificial extensions, or acrylic nails, it’s hard to work with them already.

We do take care of our eyes definitely in general. However, when it comes to wearing contact lenses, there are so many hacks available. There are so many eye tools too in the market. So there are many ways to wear contact lenses quickly.

And if you are wearing contacts, so you also have to remove them by the time. In that case, it’s so tricky to pluck your eyes with long fingernails. Sometimes it’s so difficult to remove your lenses with long nails; it can cause accidents also, and considering the eyes are the most sensitive part of your body, you won’t be taking the risk.

How to remove contact lenses with long nails?

When you get your nails long, you don’t consider these tricky things so much as you are in so much flow that you’ll get there by the time, or you can do that easily as this is the game of minutes, and how come you can’t do it. So keeping that in, you are so confident and sound on your own.

But once you get there, it’s a tricky situation. You don’t want to hurt yourself or infect your eye. So you can surely use your fingers too, but you have to be so much care.

• First of all, you have to wash your hands thoroughly with a bar of soap or hand washes.

• Then, you have to make sure your hands are dry before you touch your eye.

• Then, you have to gently press the downside of the finger taking care that that nail is not touching the eye.

• And then you have to drag the lenses on the other side.

• Once it is dragged to the side, it will come off quickly.

It is easier to pinch the lens and pick it out because it is easier than most other ways to remove the lens from the eyes with long nails. But, of course, when you are a newbie to the long nails club, it will be hard for you once to get that method.

However, when you are a new person with long nails and want to get yourself comfortable with removing contacts, you should first try the medium to low length to avoid getting annoyed with your nails.

If you want to wear and remove contact lenses with long nails and you don’t want to touch your eyes with nails, you can also use the lens tools that are so readily available In the market, and you can remove the contacts easily.

But first, you have to ask your eye doctor and get the appropriate tool they recommend for you. Those are primarily small suction tools or tweezers with a soft tip that helps lift the lens and easily remove your lens.

How to use soft-tipped tweezers for the removal of eye contact?

There are usually two tools, and they come in a kit that consists of soft-tipped tweezers and a contact applicator. With the help of tweezers, you can pick up your contact and put it on a lens applicator, and then you have to put the touches on your eye. 

Similarly, how you are putting on the lens with the help of an applicator, you can also remove the lens with the same applicator you just have to take the applicator and bring it close to your eyeball, and you have to touch the contacts then the lens will automatically attach an applicator and come off without any struggle.

With the help of eye tools, it is so easy o put and remove the contact lenses. However, if you are someone who is just wearing contacts for a single time and have long nails and do not want to spend much money on the eye kit, you can use the DIY hack and remove the lenses easily.

How to remove contacts with a DIY hack?

You can also remove your contact lenses by using a DIY hack that is so easy, and you can easily do that with the help of cotton bud, which is available to your home.

You have to take the cotton bud stick and fold it, and you have to use it like tweezers. You just have to bring it close to the lens, and you have to pluck it a little bit, and it will come out, or you just have to drag the lens that is they have way too.


While playing a diva with perfect nails, it may not be an easy task always have to take care of them, and you also have to make sure that the nails won’t hurt you anytime. 

Removing contact lenses is surely a challenging task when you have long nails, but you don’t have to worry about it at all. These so many excellent products have gotten our back there. And with the help of those tools, it is undoubtedly not that difficult but easy.

Now you can remove the contact lenses easily without using your hands and nails, and the chances of you hurting yourself with your nails is undoubtedly zero.

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