Press-on nails hurt

Worried about your short nails, that doesn’t give you a classy look, instead seems peculiar?

The simple solution to this problem is press-on nails. Simply, buy press-on nails of some finest brands and put them on your natural small nails. Undoubtedly, this change will enhance your attractiveness. 


Mostly, ladies are much inspired by press-on nails that they have made them as their daily routine. They don’t go out of their house without applying press-on nails. 

You might be confused; won’t their nails hurt by such frequent use of press-ons? Well, press-on nails are quite painless as compared to other fake nails. 

Some circumstances may cause pain and hurt your nails. Press-on nails hurt depend upon your care routine. The more you are cautious about your nails, the less are the chances to get hurt.

Do press-on nails ruin your nails?

After experiencing acrylic fake nails, you might be concerned about the health of your natural nails. I can understand, what damage to your nails you might have experienced by using such fake nails. 

If you’re worried that after using press-on nails you’ll face the same consequences, you’re completely wrong. 

Yes! Press-on nails have entirely different performances. As they need no or a little nail glue for the application, it’ll never ruin your nails. However, a little bit of precautionary measures is required to be followed. 

Why do my press-on nails hurt?

If your press-on nails hurt, it means you’re misdealing them. There is always a proper manner of dealing with things. However, in case you’ll show sloppiness, you’ll have to face severe circumstances. 

Let’s have a look at the factors that are responsible for hurting your nails and causing pain in them.

  1. Inappropriate Glue 

Usually, you don’t just rely on the adhesive lining present on press-on nails, as it doesn’t last long. You use some liquid glue to attach the nails more firmly and effectively.

Before applying the glue to your nails check its expiration date. The glue that has a funky smell and texture should be avoided. An expired glue can result in discomfort and pain in your nails.

Such glue can infect your cuticles badly and weaken your nails. You may experience an allergic reaction due to the expired chemicals which causes itching, inflammation, and red patches on your nails and fingertips.

Probably, you might be sensitive to the harsh chemicals present in the glue. This can prove pretty harmful to your nails and skin. Thus, you should avoid the glues or use some high-valued products. 

Often, you apply quite a lot of glue on your nails for the sake of better adhesion. Too many layers and mass of glue exerts pressure on your nails, resulting in pain and discomfort.

At last, I would suggest you test a small amount of glue on your nail in order to check the reactions. If it goes perfectly, then you may move on with it. 

Improper filing of your nails

Filing of your nails is a pretty important step before and after the application of your press-on nails. Also, it’s a quite sensitive process, how?  

If you file your nails roughly and too much your nail bed may become thin, causing severe pain. This usually happens when you are using an electric nail file to file your nails. 

Application of glue on such filed nail can result in a burning sensation and the patches may appear on your nail. In some cases you may break the tip of your natural nail while filing improperly, this can also hurt you. 

Therefore, file your nails carefully without any haste.

Inappropriate application and removal of press-on nails

Correct application of the press-on nails is the most important step of using them. Press-on nails are applied by pressing them over your natural nails. You may or may not use nail glue for this purpose.

Make sure that you apply reasonable pressure on them while fixing them. Excess pressure may hurt your nails and cause aching and tender your nail bed. 

Secondly, the removal step should also be performed effectively. Mainly, people believe that popping off your press-on nails is the best way to remove them. But, unfortunately, they are wrong here.

While peeling off the press-on nails, usually people ripe off the layer of their natural nail. And, no doubt, this is a pretty painful process. 

Moreover, most ladies apply the fake nails immediately after the removal of their previous press-on nails. Again it is quite harmful to the health of your nails. 

Misdealing cuticles 

The application of fake nails on the overgrown cuticles can also hurt you. Therefore, push the cuticles gently before applying the press-ons.

Make sure that you don’t damage your cuticles while using a cuticle pusher. Moreover, avoid your cuticles from exposure to nail glue.

Injury and infection 

It’s crystal clear that an injured nail will hurt you at any cost. Mostly, your nail gets injured while removing the press-on nails. You may result in the breakage of nails. 

Secondly, you may experience some bacterial or fungal infections. To avoid such problems you need to maintain the cleanliness of your hands. Wash them frequently and prevent any debris.

What are some nail Care tips to avoid hurting your nails?

Here are some care tips that you need to follow while using press-on nails.

  • Apply cuticle oil containing nourishing elements in it to your fingers and nails.
  • Tame the cuticles carefully.
  • Stop using nail polish removers that contain acetone, if you are sensitive to it. Usually, acetone dries your nails. 
  • Use the top coat after the application of press-on nails. 

Bottom line

I’m sure you might be clear that press-on nails don’t hurt normally unless you misdeal them. Therefore, be vigilant while using them. 

Keep in mind nothing is better than your health, not even fashion. If press-on nails don’t suit you, due to your sensitive nails, avoid using them. Your natural nails are enough and much better for you, instead of damaged nails. 

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