Nail Glue Alternatives

In the present era, nail art is progressing over time. As a result, nail styling is the first and foremost priority of ladies, especially outgoing females. 


Many of them prefer artificial nails for styling rather than natural to protect them from the side effects of used chemicals. False nails are also a very immediate source of getting a charming look in a few minutes.

When it comes to sticking ready-made nails over your natural nails, it can be a difficult phase if the right product is not used.

Nail Glue is the most popular among these products for adhesive purposes. This is because it can make false nails last long. But, Is nail glue best for this purpose?

Well, you cant say it best. It can cause trouble to your natural nails due to its chemical components. But, we can’t deny that high quality nail glues are much better than super glues.

You must be pondering about what to use if not nail glue?

Be Relaxed! I have some alternatives of glue for you. Be stuck to this article for further details.

Alternatives for Nail Glue

It would be best if you tried to avoid putting on long-lasting nails with nail glues. It can cause many long-term adverse side effects. However, you may put on false nails on special occasions by using gentle adhesive products for a short time.

You can get many alternate products of nail glues. Some of these alternatives are listed here.

 Nail Tabs

If you are an outgoing lady, nail tabs are most recommended for you. Although they could last for several days, so your time would be saved in this way.

They are double-sided adhesive tabs for sticking fake nails to your natural nails. One of its benefits is that it is already cut to fit the size of fingernails.

Adhesive nail tabs are more likely double-sided sticky tape.

Double-sided Fashion Tape

If you need a quick look for a special event, double-sided tape is best for you.

This fashion tape can last only for a few hours by staying in its place. The most desirable aspect is that it won’t cause any damage to your nails and skin.

You may also use double-sided wig tape for this purpose.

Clear Polish

Using clear polish is the simplest way to adhere to artificial nails. You don’t need much effort in it. First of all, clean your nails to remove any dirt or oil. Then put a relatively thick layer of nail polish on fake nails to set them on natural nails.

Make sure to don’t use a colored polish; it may disturb the appearance of fake nails. Tacky polish is preferred to adhere better than wet polish.

Its most convenient side is its easy removal. For example, you can remove fake nails just by soaking your nails in nail polish remover.

Base Coat

Applying a base coat is also a quick and simple method for putting on synthetic nails.

Basecoat is also used under polish to enhance its charming color.

Make sure to clean and dry your nails before applying a base coat. Put a sufficient layer of coat on your nail, and then use some white glue to improve the adhering-ability of the nail base coat.

Further, put the wrong nail on your coated nail and press it to set it in place. Let it dry to stick firmly.

Acrylic Mixture

The acrylic mixture would be best for you if you are interested in having long nails for a long time.

Using Acrylics is the most long-lasting and durable method for having fake nails without using glues.

All you need is to clean nails properly and then apply a semi-solid acrylic mixture. This mixture is formed by first soaking brush into the acrylic liquid and then in acrylic powder.

Why Should Avoid Using Nail Glue?

Press-on nails are quicker and less expensive than going to a salon for proper nail treatment. Nail glue is most important in setting them. This glue contains many powerful ingredients like cyanoacrylate, which can cause damages to natural nails and cuticles.

However, its ingredients are artificial and contain chemicals that are surely not appropriate for your nails as well as your skin.

Let move forward to have a look at the downsides of using glue.

Damage Natural Nails

Although nail glues are strong products, they stick tightly to your nails to keep false nails in place. Undoubtedly, they are harsh to nails and can damage natural nails by making them rough. This harshness can also cause etching on nails.

Hard to Remove

As nail glues are used for setting wrong nails for a prolonged time, they must contain hard and strong sticking substances to create stronger pull. So, it would be really hard to remove these glues from your nails, without causing any damage to natural nail beds and cuticles.

How to Save Your Nails from Nail Glue?

If you are using any nail glue, you must take some preventive measures to protect your natural nails from their long-lasting adverse effects.

Some of the precautions you need to take are as the following;

● Use a little quantity of glue to avoid a mess on nails and the surrounding skin area.

● Don’t rip off fake nails directly; the glue between fake and real nails can also rip off natural nails.

● Instead, soak your nails in warm water to soften the glue before peeling off false nails.

● Whenever you put on or rip off a fake nail, don’t forget to apply cuticle oil on your nails to soften them and remove excessive glue.

● Wash your hands immediately and use cuticle oil around nails.

Bottom Line

Finally, you are well aware of all facts and figures of nail glue.

I have advised a few alternatives to glue if you are not comfortable with glues. You may choose any preferable alternative method depending upon your desires.

I hope the details mentioned above may help you out in improving your nail art and nail health.

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