Medium Coffin Press-on Nails

If you are in love with modish nails without heading to a salon, then press-on nails are your satisfactory companion. You may apply them at home without visiting a salon.


When it comes to press-on nails, they have been groomed a lot over years. They are entirely different from that cheap press-on nails you used to get in childhood. Further, they are improved so perfectly to beat the trend.

Moreover, they are prepared by a large number of brands in different styles. They are available in a gigantic variety. You may choose one of your preferences. You may feel free to check out the variety of press-on nails especially their length and shape.

While discussing the shape of press-on nails, they are in large numbers. Among some favorite and well-known are oval, round, square, coffin, etc. You may get the top trending one.

In case of size, they may available in a few sizes. The size may be short, medium, or long. You may also change size if not satisfied.

Among all sizes and shapes, medium coffin press-on extensions are most recommended. Medium size is preferred for comfort as long nails may create trouble while doing anything.

The coffin shape is exceptional for its decent and eye-catching look. It is not that striking like a stiletto and that plain and simple like a square. It lies somewhat between a stiletto and a square nail shape.

How to Apply Medium Coffin Press-on Nails?

The mode of application of coffin nails is probably the same as that of ordinary press-on nails. It may include the following phases;

● The first and foremost step of every manicure is probably the same which involves preparation of your natural nails to survive under manicure. Clip your nails to a shorter size. After you have trimmed your nails to the desired size, make sure to wash and cleanse them properly. Last but not least step is to dry your cleansed natural nails. 

● Check out your nail kit and choose a fit coffin nail for each nail. If you can’t find fit nails, you may file them to adjustable size.

● The main step in the whole manicure is to apply glamorous coffin nails. Apply a thin coat of nail glue on your nail tips. If an appropriate amount of glue is applied, it will make press-on nails stick longer.

After you have applied nail glue on your natural nail, put the same thin coat on the backside of press-on nails too. Before glue starts drying, make sure to put a press-on over your nail tips and apply a backward force for 30 seconds to a minute. 

How to Adjust Size of Coffin Press-on Nails?

Coffin press-on nails usually come in a longer length which may annoy you. If you dreamed of having coffin nails without any trouble, you may trim them like natural nails to medium size to have perfect look.

You may clip them just like natural nails and create perfect edges by buffing them.

How to Shape A Perfect Medium Coffin?

If you wished to have coffin press-on nails in any urgent circumstances but are short of coffin nails, stop worrying!

You may change the shape of other press-on nails and mold them to a coffin too. While doing so, first of all, trim your press-on nail to a stiletto shape. Before moving forward, make sure to put a dot of nail polish in the center of the tip of the stiletto to keep the coffin even and centered on both sides.

Further, square off the tip of the stiletto and try to keep it as flat as possible. After squaring off the tip, make sure to bring in tapered ends to create a perfect flat tip that is more elegant and noticeable.

Once the basic shape is done, you may buff and file the coffin to get the perfect look. It would look decent and chic on every occasion.

How to Paint Medium Coffin Press-on Nails?

After your nails are perfectly applied, it’s the most exciting thing to paint them the way you dreamed of. Some press-on nails are already painted. If they are transparent, you need to paint them yourself. There are various methods to decorate your nails.

You may paint glittery sparkle on your coffin nails. You may put glitter nail polish or a combination of glitter-based designs. These designs may include various types like ombre glitter layouts or dipped glitter painting. It would be perfect for a wedding or any such occasion.

Moreover, if you are an outgoing and working woman and want to have a decent and everyday look then a simple nude-colored nail polish is the perfect answer to your worry. You may paint this one for the office or a night out.

Furthermore, matte nail polish is another way to develop an ideal eye-catching and decent look. You may put this for regular use to go out and for college.

Apart from all this, a french manicured look is a different and satisfying thing. To have a perfect french manicure, all you need is to paint tips and cuticles with white and apply natural pink-hued polish. It’s always a trending and elegant thing.

How to Remove Medium Coffin Press-on Nails?

It’s very easy to remove coffin press-on nails. It’s just like the removal of ordinary press-on nails. You may use the following simple ways to do so;

● Soak your hands in warm water with soap. Your nails would start softening and pull them off.

● You may use acetone-based remover to remove them more comfortably.

● You may apply cuticle oil to remove them if they have started peeling off already.

Bottom Line

Finally, you are well aware of everything about medium coffin press-on nails. They are preferred for adding eye-catching and modish touch to your personality.

Moreover, it gives the same charm as other expensive manicures with less effort and budget. You are even informed about molding other press-on nails to the coffin.

Furthermore, they are easy and comfortable to apply, manage, and remove. In the end, enjoy your every look with decent coffin nails!

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