Long Square Press-on Nails

The past few years has become one of the most experiencing years and yet a different era for nail extension. People all over the world are now very open to experimenting with shapes and colors. 


Whereas press-on nails are vibe today, press-on nails are quick and easy to apply, and hassle-free. During the rage of pandemic press-on nails got a huge crowd of fame.

As press-on nails are too easy to apply and people can get a pack and apply to try it out. However, it comes with different types of shapes and colors to try out in your home space.

Press-on nails 

Press-on nails have a huge variety of shapes in which the square shape known as square or square round shape got so noticeable. They are still in a flowing trend and people are experimenting with the colors and designs too.

Moreover, you can get it in whatever size, shape and, pattern. You just name it and you have it.

Square shape press-on nails

With a huge range of variables in the market of press-on nails, we have always seen people trying coffin nails, stiletto nails, oval nails. However, have you tried the basic chic square shape only.

The square shape nails areas it is the tip of the nail is shaped like a square. You can get the square shape nails in acrylics and gel nails extensions of too. Also, a huge variety is available in press-on nails.

Square shape nails go with everything you wear also the shape is known so trendy it suits everyone. It has different lengths of nails starting from small to large.

You can try out square shape press-on nails with different nail styling:

1) Nail art

By using square shape press-on nails you can use some glitter or any nail paint color you like or any nail dip powder. By using all of that you can create a nail art of your choice.

You can also see the YouTube tutorials and get ideas from there for your nail art. Creating nail art is so easy and yet it looks so beautiful and flattering.

2) Dark nails

When we say dark nails we mean it. So many people are always into the existence of dark nails. Yet they know they can carry it so for them it’s so easy to create those nails on the square shape press-on nails. 

• Pick any dark colors of your nail paint, apply any of them.

• Let the first base coat dry.

• Apply the second coat of the same color.

• After, the second base coat is dried. Apply the final coat of the shiner.

That’s all you want to do if you want your dark square nails.

3) Pastel options

Right now everywhere around pastels are so trending. As pastel colors go with everything you wear and carry. Also, it gives the whole vibe mate glorious, yet so simple and sophisticated look.

You can try these pretty colors in all your summers and especially in Spring times as it goes with the season theme too.

You can go with these options:

• Stick your square press-on nails with the help of adhesive glue.

• Apply any pastel nail polish of your choice.

• You can also play with different colors as you can use separate colors for every nail.

• You can avoid shiner to give your nails the matte look.

Also, you can bring the size of your choice you can keep the short as well as long square press-on nails.

4) Glitter nails

You are tired of short nails and you want to try out long square-shaped nails we have a unique idea of nails for you also. As glitter nails look so formal and also you can get glitter nails for special occasions.

You can try out full glitter nails, one nail glitter, or glitter tips.

• After applying press-on nails, let them stay for a while.

• Apply any light or dark-colored nail paint according to your choice.

• Then take a brush to dip it into the glitter chunks.

• Apply the glitter on the tips or keep one nail glittery and another only nail colored.

You can try these options and get your square nails with all trendy looks.

5) Neon nails 

Long neon nails are known as the hottest trend going all the summers. You can try out neon nails with any neon color and design. A huge variety of neon colors are also available in the market.

You can also wear long neon nails in the form of nail art, nail glitter also you can use rhinestones or diamond glitter.

• You can try neon colors nail colors and apply them to your square press-on nails.

• You can try the following trends and get nail art. As starting with the nude to neon-colored nails.

• To make it bling you can use glitter chunks and apply them to your nail with the help of glue.

• With neon nails, you can also use neutral base color.

These are some of the ideas that you can try out with your long neon square nails. It will make your nails all bling also you can carry those nails on the formal events too. 

This kind of long square nail with different looks and arts can go with everything you wear. Also, anybody can get these long nails and carry them with all the glamour as it is so easy.

Long square nails are trendy as well as they suit everybody so there is no chance of that happening that only specific people can try that out.


While wrapping this up, there are only a few things we can say about long square press-on nails. As these press-on nails are so light and trendy you can get it easily by yourself.

Besides this nail shape stands for everyone and everything so it can go with you all the way you want them to. Also, this manicure is rated as one of the most beautiful and popular ones.

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