Is it bad to use super glue for fake nails

Undoubtedly, fake nails enhance the beauty of hands; that’s why almost every lady goes for them. Unfortunately, however, most women face the problem while fixing these fake nails. 

Is it bad to use super glue for fake nails?

Usually, they appreciate the performance of super glue for holding their fake nails for a more extended period, i.e., at least a week. Additionally, if your long nails suffer from some breakage ( I understand how much it hurts you), then indeed, you’ll be recommended a super glue. 

It’s said that super glue perfectly binds your damaged natural as well as fake nails; no doubt it’s somehow fitting.

Although, some people wondered, is it bad to use super glue for fake nails?

Well, yes! 

Super glue is awful for your nails. How? 

For the answer to this question, you have to go through this article. Therefore, let’s move on!

Why should you avoid using super glue on fake nails?

Using superglue on your nails or body for any purpose is the worst idea. You have to face severe consequences after using it on your nails. Primarily, you may find it pretty adhesive for fixing your fake nails, but it loses its adhesion after some time. 

Therefore, never rush towards super glue just because it’s pretty adhesive. So here we come up with some demerits of the super glue.

Results in breakage of nails

The most alarming disadvantage of super glue is that it may result in the whole nail coming off. This situation occurs when you try to pull your fake nails abruptly attached to your natural nails with the super glue.

Also, if you try to remove the super glue from your nail forcefully, the nails may come off. Ultimately, the only solution will be to rush towards the hospital. Moreover, it’ll take months for the re-growth of your nail. 

In short, using super glue means taking a significant risk.

Makes your nails rough

Superglue makes your natural nails quite rough in appearance. Most of the brands use some etching agents in the manufacture of super glues. 

Such compounds are responsible for degrading the outer layer of your nails. Once the outer layer is damaged, your nails become weaker and rough.  

Difficult to remove

It’s tough to remove the super glue from your nails. Especially if you try to remove the fake nails immediately after fixing them with the superglue, you have to face great difficulty.

In this case, you need to soak your nails in powerful solvents for a longer time. Mainly, acetone is used for dehydrating your cuticles, which loosens the contact of fake nails.

   4. Cause Infections 

When the superglue gets stuck on your nails, the filthy substances may be made under your nails. It may cause severe infections on your nails.

As long as this gunk remains on your nails, it gets mixed with the hardened glue. This may result in pain and irritation in your nails. Mostly, the cuticle suffers from the infection and gets hurt a lot.

   5. Harmful for your skin

Contact with super glue with your skin and other body parts may prove to be dangerous. Primarily, manufacturers have written on their products not to use super glue on your body.

The skin of your finger and cuticles may contact the super glue, while you’re adjusting the fake nails. As a result, your skin may get peeled off along with super glue. 

Furthermore, it can also cause irritation or itching to your skin. In some rare cases, rashes may appear on your body. 

How to remove super glue safely from your nails?

However, in my view, super glue is not a good idea for fixing fake nails. But, if you still use it, you should be aware of the proper method of removing it from your nails.

Here are some tips you must follow;

  •  Before using super glue, apply some coats of a clear base coat on the surface of your nails. It’ll prevent your nails from being damaged. Plus, it’ll be easier to remove the fake nails.
  • Never remove the fake nails immediately after applying the super glue. Wait for some time; when it loses its effectiveness due to moisture, you may remove them. 
  • Soak your nails in warm water for at least 30 minutes. Then use some best solvents for removing the fake nails. Usually, people use acetone for this purpose. 

Super glue versus nail glue

Super glue and nail glue are both used for fixing fake nails.

Mainly, adhesive glues consist of ethyl cyanoacrylate. Like that, both super glue and nail glue are composed of ethyl cyanoacrylate, but their proportions differ.

Nail glues usually contain 60% ethyl cyanoacrylate, while super glue contains 100%. The more the concentration of ethyl cyanoacrylate, the more the glue will be dangerous for your skin.

Moreover, the branded nail glues last longer while the super glue is less durable. When super glue is exposed to moisture, the contact of fake nails to your natural nails weaken. 

In a nutshell, nail glue is more costly, effective, and safe than super glue.

Best Alternatives for super glue

After a long debate on the inefficiency of super glue for nails, you might be worried about what should be the effective Alternative?


Obviously, yes!

Therefore, I’m here with the best alternatives of super glue for fake nails. 

  • The best way is to use double-sided tape. You may use tapes of different designs for the sake of fashion. It will not cause any harm to your nails and skin.
  • Secondly, you may use suitable press-ons. Make sure it should not damage your nails.
  • Moreover, you may also use top-branded nail glue.

Bottom line

Finally, I hope you’re well aware of the role of super glue on your nails. Don’t try to take risks by using super glue for the sake of fashion. 

Mostly, people prefer it over nail glues because it’s pretty cheap. But, nothing is better than your health.

Therefore, stop using super glue for fake nails. Instead, go for its alternatives.

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