How to take a shower with fake nails?

No doubt, fake/stick-on nails look so beautiful on your hands and give a glowing charm of the perfect manicure for a good period. Of course, you can wear them for a good time, but taking care of the fake nails is sure a struggle.


Sure, fake/stick-on nails are in trend right now everywhere globally, but as much as they look beautiful, it’s even harder to maintain them daily. Whenever you put the fake/stick-on nails, you have to take care of the hygiene and cleanness.

There are so many ways to maintain fake/stick-on nails for an extended period. You have to manage them to avoid breakage and make sure that nothing stays in the form of dirt.

You also have to avoid so much water activity as the fake/stick-on nails become loose and come off in a brief period.

Talking about that, indeed, so many people have different thoughts in their minds about how to manage their fake/stick-on nails while taking a shower. So don’t you worry, we have got back, and we indeed do have some mind-blowing ideas regarding that.

How to maintain stick-on nails while showering?

Water sure does weaken your fake nails or stick on nails, so if that, you have to use waterproof gloves while doing any chores, including water activity. So while showering, you must take care of your nails importantly.

Most importantly, please do not put any moisture oil, lotion, or numbing cream before going to shower because all of this makes your nails bendy, which means there are many more chances of breakage, or they can simply come off.

While showering, make sure you don’t use your hands too much against the body, including scrubbing or cleansing. Then, you can just take a shower of products or tools and get your work done with that. For example, you can use a shower foam, foaming towel, scrubber, or towel scrubber.

How to use shower foam with fake nails?

Shower foam is a flower net in which you can get wet in the water and pour your body wash or body shampoo, and then you can rub it directly into your body. It will indeed cleanse your body ideally and not hurt you at the same time.

Make sure while bathing or showering you must wear waterproof gloves so in that case, your nails would be fantastic and you can enjoy showering and get yourself clean totally without any problem.

Shower foam is a product that will last for so long, and it will be perfect, which means you don’t have to invest in that kind of product every month. In addition, it does not make your body irritate, and there is no chance of breakage, and your nails won’t pop off while showering.

How to use a foaming towel while showering with fake nails?

A foaming towel is also a product that is used for showering. You can use that product if you have fake/stick-on nails. Getting a shower with stick-on nails is sure a tough job, but it’s not that big a deal with the help of a foaming towel.

It is just a tiny piece of the pad like a towel in which you have to put some showering gel, and you can clean your body with the help of that, and it will not cause your nails more abrade to your body.

 How to scrub with fake nails on?

Sometimes, when you scrub your body with fake/stick-on nails, it is too challenging to take care of your nails while that, and in that case, mostly the stick-on nails break or become lose a little bit and come off later. 

When you have all the nails together, and one of them pops out, that’s the worst scenario that ruins your look and manicure. So, in that case, you can just use a scrubber to scrub your body, making your work more manageable, and your nails would be the same.

Sometimes when you have fake/stick-on just have to take care of your water; the activity takes a lot of tension to the nails because when you practice a lot in water with fake nails, they become loose and won’t stay for a long time.

Make sure you strictly avoid the contraction of nails with water for the long term. Also, you must clean your fake/stick-on nails with the help of a brush daily to make them look shiny and suitable and avoid infection.

How to use a towel scrubber with fake/stick-on nails?

Sometimes it is hard to wash your face while you are showering with fake/stick-on nails. So you can use a towel scrubber which is a lot more gentle than the scrubber. You can use it while showering and surely it will not last any irritation to your body. It will be an easy method while you are raining with fake/stick-on nails.

Towel scrubber is one of the easiest ways to go while you are showering with fake nails. It helps a lot and makes your shower process easy to enjoy without worrying about your nail extensions.


Every girl dreams that her manicure stays for an extended period. But, of course, there is so much effort and struggle to make them stay clean without any dirt and make them look beautiful at the same time.

You always have to avoid fake/stick-on nails getting more active in the water, making them lose and giving them a lot more fungus. You can use waterproof gloves to work out with showering or your chores.

With your fake/stick-on nails, showering is difficult sometimes, but using these products is a lot easier and helpful. It does not make your nails in a soak of water or direct contact with water which makes the durability of fake nails.

I hope so, that all the tips provided in this article will be pretty beneficial for the safety of your fake nails.

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