How to Remove Press-on Nails

Are you fed up with going to salons for regular manicures? Or feel annoyed when you have to rush towards the salon in order to put fake nails on your hands?  


I’m sure you are! 

Why don’t you try out press-on nails this time? Believe me, you’ll have a wonderful experience with your press-on nails. 


This is because press-on nails are not only super easy and quick to apply but also easy-peasy to remove. I understand how fretting it is to even think about removing your fake nails from your hands. 

The major fear you feel while removing them is, you never want to get your nails damaged. Right? 

Of course yes!

In this regard, press-on nails will provide a helping hand to you. If you’ll handle them carefully while removing them, they’ll never harm your natural nails. 

You require a proper guide that may help you in removing your press-on nails. Hopefully, this article will be pretty beneficial for you as we’ll be discussing remarkable methods of removing press-on nails. 

Therefore, let’s don’t waste the time and dive straight into the article!

What are the Best Methods of Removing Press-on Nails?

When you are there to remove the press-on nails, you’ll come across different methods for removing them. You just have to choose the one that you feel will be most favorable for you. 

Use Cuticle Oil or Baby oil 

You’ll find cuticle Oil quite effective for the removal of your press on-nails. 


  • Just take a cotton ball and soak it with cuticle oil.
  • Then rub the cotton ball on your press-on nails, especially near the cuticles. 
  • Leave it for a few minutes, then move your nails back and forth in order to check if they get loose or not.
  • If you still find them tightened, use a cuticle pusher to loosen them. 
  • Make sure you slowly roll the cuticle pusher down from your cuticles towards the tip of your nail.
  • Now, the press-on nails become quite loosened and you can easily remove them.
  • You may observe some adhesive stuck on your natural nails so peel it off either with the cuticle pusher or some nail paint remover.

In addition to cuticle Oil, you may also use baby oil mixed with some acetone and water for the removal of press-on nails. 

Warm Water and Soap Method 

Before using this method ensure that you have warm water, a bowl, and a liquid soap along with you.


  • Firstly, mix the soap in the warm water and soak your hands in it. This will help in softening the glue. 
  • After soaking your hands for at least 15 minutes you’ll find your press-on nails pretty loosened.
  • Now, use some wooden sticks to lift the press-on nails. They will easily pry out. Your nails won’t hurt if you do it carefully.

Use Acetone or Nail Paint Remover 

Usually, if you use super glue to adhere to the fake nails, it becomes quite hard to remove them from soap water, or oils. In this case, you’ll find acetone a much more effective method. 


  • Priorly, take a pretty wide container that can fit your hand inside. 
  • Then pour a suitable quantity of acetone or nail polish remover in it and dip your nails up to your cuticles in it.
  • Wait for some time until your nails soak well. 
  • After a few minutes, you will observe that your nails start loosening.
  • Use your fingers and cuticle pusher to pull the press-on nails.

Some people have issues while using more acetone, so they should avoid dipping their hands in acetone. Instead, they should dab the cotton ball soaked in acetone around the edges of the fake nails. 

Finally, wash off the acetone from your nails thoroughly, as it can dry out your skin. Apply the moisturizer on your hands, especially on nails and cuticles for the maintenance of healthy nails. 

How can you repair the damage caused by the removal of press-on nails? 

Once you use press-on nails, you need to take pretty good care of your nails. Usually, this is due to the glue you use for adhering to the fake nails. It lost the natural shine of your nails. Or you may get your nails damaged while removing the press-on nails due to your negligence.

Therefore you need to follow some instructions for making your nails healthier.

  • Give your nails a little rest for a few days. Don’t use any nail polish on them. To give them a heal, avoid using press-on nails at least for a week. 
  • Use a few drops of cuticle oil or other oils for maintaining the shine of your nails.
  • Usually, after the removal of press-on nails, your natural nails become fragile and sensitive. Thus, there are greater chances of breakage. To avoid this issue you should cut your nails shorter and use the nail file to smooth the edges of the nails. This will prevent any accidental breakage of nails.
  • If some patches are made on the surface of your nails, buff them gently. 
  • Try to apply the moisturizer to your hands frequently, as you remove your press-on nails. Always keep a small bottle of moisturizer alongside you. 

At last, whenever you decide to put the press-on nails again, never forget to apply a topcoat. Topcoat acts as a barrier between your natural and fake nails. 

Final words

Undoubtedly, this is the world of fashion and style. You have to follow the ongoing trends. However, your health also matters a lot. Mostly, ladies get their nails damaged for the sake of fashion. Therefore, if your nails are sensitive, avoid using fake nails and glues.

Mainly, glues are risky for the health of your natural nails so use a high-quality product. Moreover, always remove your press-on nails with great patience and care. 

Further, I’m sure the above-provided details will aid you a lot in removing your press-on nails without any damage. 

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