How to remove dip nails without acetone

You might have gone through various acrylic manicures for the enhancement of your nails. However, when I go for them, I remember visiting the salon fortnightly to maintain my fake nails. In short, you have to take good care of your acrylic nails.


However, recently I came to know about the ease of the wonderful dip nails enhancement. Dip nails are applied by using some bonder and colorful powder. Many layers of powder are coated to harden the nails; that’s why known as dip powder nails.

The plus point of dip nails is that they can be removed quickly without damaging your nails. Generally, people use acetone to remove them. But, it’s not effective as it can lose the shine of your natural nails.

Now, you might be pondering, then how can you remove the dip nails without acetone?

Yeah, it’s an important question?

So, here I come with some exciting methods of removing your dip nails; therefore, keep your eyes peeled.

Methods of removing dip powder nails without acetone

However, acetone is the best method of removing dip powder nails, but we can head towards other methods if you are not satisfied with it. Usually, some people possess sensitive skin; thus, they may face adverse reactions to acetone. 

Moreover, acetone is responsible for reducing the glimmer of nails. Therefore, if you’re having problems with acetone, you may adopt other methods for removing your dip nails.

Three of them are explained below;

Remove dip nails using a nail file.

Mainly, nail filing is the alternative to acetone. So firstly, let’s take a look at the materials required for removing your dip nails through this method. 


  • Nail files
  • Tinfoil
  • Cotton balls
  • Alcohol
  • Scraping tool

Step # 1

Pick up your favorite nail file and start to buff the top layer of your dip powder nails. Keep rubbing your nails until the coat of powder becomes thin, and enough dust covers the nail. 

This might be a bit time-consuming process, but it’s practical too. First, clean the powdery dust thoroughly. After your nails are buffed, they become pretty loose.

Step # 2

Now, soak the cotton balls with the help of alcohol and put them on your dip nails. Then cover them adequately with tin foil. Leave them for some time.

Make clear that it’s an additional step for easy and perfect removal of dip nails. Otherwise, you can just remove them while buffing for a longer time.

step# 3

Take off the cotton from the nails. You’ll feel your dip powder nails pretty much soft, flexible and loose now. Therefore, you may start scraping the nails using the tool. 

Undoubtedly, you’ll find it relatively more straightforward. But, ultimately, you get rid of your dip nails.

Step # 4

After removing your dip nails, you may not find your natural nails in that good condition. Thus, dehydrate your nails with the help of cotton. Dehydration is beneficial for your nail cuticles, as it aids in the better growth of your nails.

Step # 5

Finally, pick up the nail file again and buff your nails in order to give them the desired shape. Moreover, buffing lasts the smoothness of your nails.

Using warm water and soap

Before starting this procedure, you need some basic materials. Therefore note down the materials and get them if you don’t have them.


  • A spacious bowl
  • Warm water
  • Soap
  • A cuticle pusher

Step # 1

Firstly, push your nail cuticles slightly with the help of a cuticle pusher. This helps in building the space between the dip powder nail and your natural nail. Also, apply some oil to your nails.

Step # 2

Then take warm water in a bowl. Make sure the water should be warmer, not hot. Add detergent or soap to this water and mix it well.

Step # 3

Now, soak your dip nails in the above-made mixture for at least 20 minutes. This solution will penetrate under the dip powder nails, allowing them to loosen.

Step # 4

After, 20 minutes take dental floss or use your nail tips to remove the softened nail dips. If they’re released, then well and good; otherwise, soak your nails in the solution for some more time. 

Make sure to warm the water again if it gets cool during the removal of your dip nails.

Some other alternatives of acetone

In addition, to the procedures mentioned above, you may use alcohol or vinegar as an alternative.

  • Priorly, prep your dip nails. Clean them by washing them with hand soap and dry your hands.
  • Take tissue paper and put it in a bowl containing alcohol. Then soak your nails in this bowl for a longer time. It’s a pretty time-consuming process.
  • Lastly, see if the dip powder is removed easily or not. If, not then repeat the process. 
  • In the end, you may wipe off the powder using different tools.

Other home remedies

Some people are in search of easy home remedies. For example, they’re recommended to use white vinegar, baking soda, and toothpaste for removing their dip powder nails. 

You have just to mix the toothpaste and baking soda in a bowl. Apply this mixture on your nails thoroughly and leave it for 20 minutes. Then wipe it off and remove dip nails.

However, these are not many effective remedies.

What cautions should you take for removing your dip nails?

You need to be pretty cautious about the health of your nails. Here are some caution you should always follow for removing dip powder manicures;

  • Avoid using electric files if you’re not a professional nail technician. This may result in the excessive removal of the layers of your natural nails.
  • Never push your nail cuticles abruptly and violently. It may hurt you severely. 
  • Always keep your nails dehydrated.


I’m sure you got enough information about the removal of your dip powder nails. However, I’ll suggest you be quite vigilant while treating your nails. Your minor mistake or carelessness may cause breakage of your nails and cause severe pain.

On the contrary, if your nails become thin and you’re afraid of their breakage, then you should apply a gel or top layer coat on your nails.

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