How to package press-on nails

As your press-on nails are now ready. You want to package them all nicely with a luxurious look. You may have some ideas in your mind but you don’t know actually what to do.


Packaging of your press-on nails is how you show or represent your brand or how you keep your bag/box of your press-on nails at your home too. You can pack your press-on nails according to your choice.

You can also choose any kind of box which are easily available on the internet, you can go with the color theme or any kind of designs that you have been thinking in your mind. 

It is so satisfying to pack your press-on nails and in that packing, they look even more beautiful. However, the packaging is important as if it is your brand and you want to sell press-on nails.

Packing of press-on nails

You can pack your press-on nails as you want. You can take any color box which complements your vibe and you want to go according to that. Instead, of a box, you can also use:

• Zipper bag 

• Plastic bag

• Cloth bag

• Plastic sheet 

These are some of the vastly used bags which are used in the packaging of press-on nails. However, the fact is that if you are packing for your company you can include some of the business cards or some cute letter written to your customers.

As everyone around is using jewelry boxes to pack the press-on nails because it looks cute and add a little glam too. If you want to pack your press-on nails at home after you have once used, you can do that too.

How to make a box of press-on nails?

You can get a box everywhere in local markets if you are facing hardships to get a specific box. You can simply get the jewelry box and pack your press-on nails. 

You have to start by removing the foam sheet which is given in the jewelry box. After removing it take a thick double-sided tape and stick it on the surface of the jewelry box.

After sticking out the tape peel back the double side of the tape. Start placing your press-on nails in an order. Make sure they are attached to the tape perfectly.

Make sure you buy the box of the right size usually it is 8×2 inches or 10×2 inches. 

What do you put in the package of press-on nails?

You have to make sure that you put all the essentials in your package that anybody needs to stick their press-on nails.


You must have to put adhesive glue as it is used to press the press-on nails. By using adhesive glue the press-on nails stay for a longer time, also you can work easily with them.

Double-sided tape

So many people like to use double-sided tape instead of glue. As it is a healthy way to stick your press-on nails and does not damage your nails, however, it will last lesser than a glue.

Glue dots

You can also add glue dots in your package as glue dots are useful to stick and they are healthy. Because they do not leave stains on your nails and weaken your nails.

Adhesive nail tabs

Among variety of options, adhesive nail tabs are also the one and you can use them in your package too. It is also a convenient method for press-on nails.

Cuticle stick

Also, a cuticle is a must-have in your package as it helps to clean your nails, and also it is helpful when you want to remove your press-on nails.

These are all the things you can add to your package of press-on nails. These are all useful products and you can use them for a long period. Further, you must have them in your press-on nails package.

Surprise gift

You can add a little surprise to your package of press-on nails. It can be anything regarding nails or little miniatures. It gives a different attraction to your customers.

If you are using this package for a business purpose you can also add an instruction card, business card, and a thank you card for your customers as it brings a little cuteness to your press-on nails package.

After packing all this up, just remove the adhesive glue tape and close your pack.  Put your company sticker on the package and details of the package and it is done.

How to keep your press-on nails at home

If you have used your pair of press-on nails, you don’t want to get them ruined all and you want to take care of them. You can make your little package and keep your press-on nails completely safe.

• Take a jewelry box, or any other simple box clean it nicely. If you don’t have any kind of box you can also use a zipper bag or plastic bag.

• Put a double-sided tape and stick your press-on nails.

• Add any kind of adhesive tape or adhesive glue to your box.

• Manage to keep a cuticle stick too.

Like in this way you can make a package of press-on nails at your home and keep them safe and long time use for yourself.

You can also use mirror boxes to package press-on nails but they are super pricey for anybody with a small business or anyone who wants to make a package of press-on nails at home.


By wrapping this up, these are all the ways that we have shared with you for a package of press-on nails. You might want to consider or try out some of the above as per your choice.

As press-on nails are so trendy and everyone wants to try them out but buying them, again and again, would be a little hectic instead of using them for a long time. 

You can make a package of your own and keep your press-on nails all good for a good time.

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