How to measure for press-on nails

So many times we do face the problem when it comes to the sizing of our press on nails. We do know that press-on nails look so beautiful but if in the correct size to fit our nails.


Most of the time when you are ordering your pack of press-on nails online or whether you are getting at the nearest drugstore. You are always confused about the sizing.

There is no such problem when you are not getting the accurate size of your nails. You can choose standard options or you can also choose the option of customized press-on nails.

Press-on nails

When most of the salons and nail stations were closed due to pandemics, most of the  nail technicians were bothered and there was a brainstorming situation.

From that press-on nails got so much floating fame. But just because press-on nails are so the easy option doesn’t indicate that it was not a matter of concern.

Here the sizing is a very important issue. You don’t know what is your accurate size for press-on nails?  There are many varieties available online but the problem is some are big and some are too small.

How to measure your nail size for press-on nails?

There are so many websites that present you with the nail size chart to select your size according to the chart.  However, some websites only offer standard size which fits easily.

Standard size nails

If you are comfortable with the preference for the standard size then you can get that size and shape according to your vibe.  If somehow you are facing a little problem with nails you can try this:

• Apply your press-on nail with the help of adhesive glue.

• Let it dry.

• After it is dried out, you can file the nail with the help of a nail filer and make it according to your size.

How to measure your nails with a ruler?

Other than that you can try out another way to size your nails accordingly. You can take the size of your nail with the help of a ruler.

• Take a plastic ruler.

• Take the ruler close to your nail and mark it according to the sizing.

This way can help you out to measure the size of your nails easily. Then you can easily order any kind of press-on nails from any website pursuing the size chart you have taken.

How to measure nail size with scotch tape?

You can easily measure your nail size with the help of scotch tape.

• Take scotch tape, cut a little piece of it and, stick it to your nail.

• Take a marker and mark both sides of your nail.

• Now, take the scotch tape out and place it on the smooth surface.

• Take the size with the help of scale.

Nail sizing kit

Most of the online stores offer their clients nail sizing kits. In which they try to make sure that all the sizes they have should be in it. They can charge their customers for this too.

Nail sizing kits have all the lengths you can pick any of that which suits your nail size. Confirm that size and place the order for your press-on nails in that particular size.

However,  the sizes are completely different from each other when it comes to the shapes of press-on nails. For example, the size of a square press-on nail is different from the size of a stiletto press-on nail.

Making size chart

If you are still confused and you have still doubt about the size. You can make you feel comfortable and make your size chart by measuring your nails and making a chart.

For that reason, you have to take a piece of paper make the marking of your finger. Starting from your left hand to right:

• Lay your left hand on the paper and start with the initials, P, R, M, I, T and, the same goes with the right hand.

• After marking the initials, take the measurements in the same order.

• Apply tape on your nail fixes it nicely.

• Mark it precisely and take the tape out.

• Take the exact measurement in mm.

• And that would be the exact size for your nails.

Any other size guide will not be as accurate as this one. So you can order your set of press-on nails without any second thought.

After you are sure about the size then you have to compare it with the size chart given on the website. If the size chart is the same or near to your size measurements then you can order it.

As sometimes it happens that you don’t get the best size or your precise size. For avoiding such situation you should first measure your size and then order.

Also, if you are trying to get press-on nails from a drugstore or any local market you can also check out your size there too. As you can use a ruler and choose the nails of your accurate nails.

However, if you are getting the close size and not accurate size you don’t have to panic just file them a little bit and they are good to go. Once it is of your size you can press them with the help of adhesive glue and flaunt them.


Finally, concluding this all up it is vital to understand the importance of size measurements when it comes to press-on nails. As if they are not your accurate size they will give a fake look.

However, having nails bigger than your nail size will not work out well. It will make your nails look unpleasant and you won’t like it for a longer period. 

So always choose the nails which are of your size or measure your nail size and then order it accordingly. As it will fix your nails beautifully and will give a natural uniform.

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