How to make Press-on Nails with Polygel

If you are a conscious one about the beauty news then you have possibly heard of poly gel, a brand new nail method, halfway between acrylic and UV gel.


Polygel combines the first-class of UV gel and acrylic: a unique, unmixed, instantly prepared product and it can be applied super-fast. Polygel is resistant, flexible, and also a light on the nail.

The other advantage of polygels, that it is very cost-effective because it takes a very small quantity of product to obtain a nail.

What are polygel nails?

 It is a nail enhancement, we can also describe it as a hybrid formula that combines the durability of acrylic nails and the pliability application of gel nails.

Even though the method and the substances used within the nail clipping are really very different. Polygel, which is bought in a tube, is much like toothpaste, is an aggregate of acrylic powder and clear gel.

How you can make your polygel press-on nails?

Here, we will see that how we can make polygel press-on nails at home, so let’s get started. There are also some things that you will need to buy from the market to make them at home as these are the basics.


  1. nail tip
  2. nail file
  3. top coat
  4. base coat
  5. UV lamp
  6. Nail extension gel
  7. Some stuff for designing the nails

Here is the method to make polygel press-on Nails

  • Measuring the nails

First of all measure the nails with the nail tips, do it to your both hands. Remember that to go one size up to make sure that it will fill perfectly.  Make rough the nails up a little bit and after that file the nails perfectly fine to get a nice shape.

  • Off the Dust:

Now make sure that there is no dust where you are working and on your actual nails because it is a really important step. The dust can harm the quality of your polygel nails. It also can cause germ if you are hygiene conscious.

  • Base Coat application:

After applying the base coat on them or to nail tips, it is the third step. This is really important and basic one that will give the strength and smoothness to polygel nails.

  • Polygel time:  

Now is the time for the polygel to choose your favorite color? Many girls choose pink color and there are a lot of different shades of pink color in polygel. Use them over the base coat. These will look fabulous and if it is pink than cute as well.

  • Wiping the tacky layer:

When you are done with your favorite polygel color then now time to wipe off the tacky layer. Wiping is because it can look smooth and attractive. After that you will feel that you are already starting loving them.

  • Design the nails

Here this is the step that girls love the most. As we all know that this is the race of trends and nail art is becoming more and more popular. Designing is something that add the glamour in your nails when you do with your nails. So in this step Design your nails or paint them as you want to make them look.  

This will glorify your personality and in the world of nail art lover you feel will that this values a lot.  So, here are some tips that how you can design your polygel nails:

  • Use the nail polish or the gel nails polish. And this will add a fantastic look. Polygel nail polish is also strong as the polygel so it will be a great combo. As it is long lasting so it is more effective to try.
  • Nail Stamping is another way that will make you nails look more stylish. So you can use this method also for designing your nails.
  • If you are finding something more excited and easy than go for the nails stickers. These are tint stickers that are made to design the nails. And this is highly used in nail art. This is the easiest way to design the nails and it is also very quick in nature.
  • Final Step:

So, there comes the last step, now go for the topcoat. This will be your final touch. And that’s it, your homemade polygel press-on nails are ready. As you will carefully follow the steps then you will find that making your first polygel press-on nails are not so easy but believe it that practice will make it perfect.   

How to apply plygel press-on Nails:

First, you ought to file your personal nail at the top. The next step apply the base coat to your nails

After applying the base coat put it under the UV lamp to dry.

Whilst you are putting to your dual form you need to fit them all first and ensure they match exactly.

When dry, now you can pop them off and shape the nail.

How to remove them:

Use some cotton balls and shape them so they can wrap your nails. Now you should pour some acetone on the cotton balls and with it wrap your nails.

Wrap the edge of your finger with foil paper and after 15 minutes remove them.

How long do polygel press-on nails last?

 Polygel press-on nails can last up to three to 4 weeks. The durability of your polygelnail filing may even depend on the duration of the nail and your way of life and how you spend your days.

In case you’re worried every day about activities that might be hard for your fingers, you work a lot with your hands then your polygel nails might not continue to exist the full month.

 Polygel, like acrylics, is truly greater pricey than primary gel press-on nails. However, for some people, it lasts almost twice as long. In case if you go for the pink color then it is difficult to inform while the nail trimming has grown out. it makes it last even longer than you may think.


To conclude the words we can say that this is not very tough to get the press-on nails. But your natural nails health is the most important thing.

You can use the polygel nails of your wish they look great and are very beautiful even if you make them at home.

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