How to Make Press-on Nails Last 2 weeks

In this world of fashion and glamour, people are in a rush to find exciting ways to look more modish and classy. Ravishing hands also add charm to your personality. Nowadays ladies are making their hands more appealing by designing their nails.


Usually, longer nails are preferred for designing, but some people face problems with it. You might be one of them. Let’s find, how?

Do you own sensitive nails? Does it take longer to grow your nails? Or do you experience frequent breakage of nails? 

If you’re facing the above-mentioned issues, the best way for you to enjoy the long nails is press-on nails. Press-on nails are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs. You may put them on your nails at any event. 

Mostly, people who started to use press-on nails are curious about their durability. This is because as a newbie they have to frequently visit the salons for the manicures and application of press-ons. 

In addition, it’s our nature that we prefer to use the products that last quite long and we don’t need to buy and apply them again and again. Let’s discuss how press-on nails can last 2 weeks?

Secrets to make press-on nails last longer

If you want to make your press-on nails more durable you have to follow some tips. Certain precautionary measures can also aid you to enjoy your press-ons for at least two weeks.

Excited to learn about the tips?

Yeah, of course, you’re! So let’s don’t waste the time and jump straight into it.

  1. Prepare your cuticles and nails for the application

You might have noticed some skin on your nails, this skin is known as the cuticle. If the cuticles are not pushed away from your nails, it will not be possible for the glue to adhere your fake nails properly to the nail bed.

Hence, you need to use a cuticle pusher to push off this dead skin from your natural nail, so that press-ons fit on your nail effectively.

Usually, buffing of your nail bed allows better adhesion of the press-on nails. As it removes the oil from the surface and makes it rough. Glue works impressively on rough surfaces. 

Thoroughly clean your nails 

The hygiene of your nails matters a lot in the durability of your press-on nails. Therefore, always keep them neat and tidy. 

Before applying the press-ons, clean your nails properly, remove the nail polish or glue. Moreover, make sure no dirt particles are stuck on your nails.

To avoid such uncleanness, wash your hands with some hand-wash and warm water. This will help in the removal of any bacterias on your hands, thus preventing you from bacteria and fungal infections. 

Further, if there’s natural or artificial oil present on your nails it will act as a barrier between the adhesion of the press-on nails to your natural nails. So, you must wipe your nails with a cotton bud soaked in alcohol to remove the oil. 

This act will adhere the press-ons firmly with your natural nail bed, increasing their durability.

Prefer a good-quality nail glue

It’s crystal clear the more effectively your press-on nails adhere to your natural nail bed the more they will last. Now, the question is, how can you adhere to your press-ons firmly?

The answer simply lies in the quality of the nail glue you are availing for this purpose. Therefore, always prefer to shop for high-quality nail glue of some finest brands. 

Mainly, premium nail glues allow your fake nails to last up to two to three weeks easily. Most of the brands have installed the adhesive on the back of the press-on nails, but I’ll not recommend you to just rely on that adhesive. 

This is because it’s not that sticky and lasts for a pretty short period. Even the adhesion of the highest performance press-on nail lasts for five to six days maximum. However, our mission is to make our press-ons last for two weeks. So, we have to use some nail glue in addition to it.

Short length press-on nails last longest

Mainly, it’s found that shorter press-on nails last more than longer ones. Wondering, why is this so? 

Let me explain!

Longer nails have certainly more surface area, so more stress will act upon them. As a result, more strain will act upon the nail glue, which will weaken it quickly. 

Moreover, there are more chances for longer nails to stick with something, causing breakage to your press-on nails. However, smaller nails are safer to carry for the long term.

Adjust the press-on nails properly

Correct application of press-on nails also affects the lasting period of your fake nails. Make sure you use the correct size of the press-on nails according to the size of your natural nail.

Further, apply a drop of nail glue both on the fake as well as the real nail. This will provide a better attachment. 

After the application of the press-on nails, never allow your hands to come in contact with water for at least two hours. Water may weaken the performance of the nail glue, thus resulting in the popping off of the nails.

Always Apply the topcoat on press-on nails after application 

You can also increase the durability of your press-on nails by applying the topcoat on it, after the application. The topcoat has the following benefits;

  • Serve as a protective layer.
  • Hardens your press-on nails.
  • Provide a glossy shine to your nails.
  • Act as a water-resistant sheet.

Final Verdict

At last, I would just say that if you want to make your press-on nails more durable, then follow the above-mentioned tips. I’m sure they will help you in achieving your two weeks target.

However, prevent your hands from strong chemicals, detergents, much heat, and moisture. They may play a role in popping off your nails. 

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