How to Make Press-on Nails Fit

Every girl wants perfectly done nails all the time. The only thing that may trouble you is the struggle behind getting perfect nails. If you opt for trendy ways, they may time-taking and costly. In the list of all manicures, you would certainly incline toward time-saving and budget-friendly means.


If you are looking for both these features, press-on nails are simply perfect for you. They are pretty affordable but there is no compromise on quality. You would have a lot of variety to choose from. Various nail brands are struggling to launch better and super-duper press-on designs and shapes due to their emerging demand.

Additionally, they are relatively comfortable to wear. You may put them at home without spending money to visit a salon. They enhance your nail’s beauty with a little effort. There are a few tips and tricks to intensify their charm and grace. Let’s get into the article to be well informed.

How to Put Press-on Nails to Make Them Fit?

While talking about the fitness of press-on nails, it is entirely determined by the way you opt to apply them. You need to consider every step as a key role in this process. However, press-on nails are super easy to wear at home but there is a need to apply them perfectly to get a professional look. Here, I’m providing you with a step-by-step guide to get on perfect press-on manicure.

Prepping Your Nails

Prepping your nails is the first and foremost step towards any manicure. The difference occurs with the variable manicure types. Preparing your nail beds for press-on mani is different from that of acrylic or gel manicures. Several things are to be considered for the preparation of nails for wearing press-on nails.

●First of all, wash your hands properly by using water and cleansing them. Make sure to remove any dust or extra thing that may disturb your manicure.

●Second thing is to use a wipe or any other method to dry your nails. It’s pretty important to dry up your nails perfectly. Any moisture or water may result in reducing the sticking ability of nail glue.

●Pick up a good enough nail filer and make sure to trim and correctly file your nails. It would help to maintain a proper nail shape.

●Next thing is to push back your cuticle to provide good adhesion to press-on nails. In this regard, you may go for an orangewood stick to push the cuticle as well as to remove any dead or damaged cuticle area.

●Buffing your nails is important to do while prepping nails for any manicure. A high-quality buffer would surely give the perfect results. You may buff your nails to remove natural shine and make the nail surface smooth. Buffed nail bed would do the best in adhering to fake nails.

●At the last, use rubbing alcohol to remove any residue or extra particles. Anything on prepped nails may result in popping off fake nails too earlier.

Choose And Adjust The Size of Press-on Nails

A press-on nail kit from a good brand contains nails of variable sizes ranging from 0 to 9. You may choose the one for each nail that fits perfectly. Usually, a nail kit helps you to have one perfect manicure.

Unfortunately, if there is no nail in your kit that fits on your nail you may have the one that is most close to its size. You may trim a press-on nail by using a trimmer or nail clipper. You may trim press-on to get roughly fit one but file it to attain perfection.

Apply Nail Glue

After you have prepared your nails and chosen fake nails for your nails, it’s time to apply nail glue. Nail glue is the key to adhere your press-on mani. You need to be pretty careful while purchasing nail glue. Go for a best-known nail glue to have the best outcome.

Make sure to apply a pretty enough coat of nail glue on both natural and press-on nails. The amount of nail glue applied determines the durability of the press-on mani.

Application over Natural Nails

The most crucial step is to apply glued nails to your natural nails. This application is quite tricky. Apply fake nails on the tips of your natural nails and then apply backward pressure for 30 to 60 seconds. Let nail glue dry for a few minutes. After your mani has dried perfectly, make sure to apply a topcoat to protect your manicure.

Care Tips to Make Press-on Nails Fit

If you want your press-on nails to retain their fitness for a long time, you need to follow a perfect care routine. Some tips to be followed for this care are listed down.

●Avoid water and any moisture as it may result in the loosening of adhesion of nail glue. So, use thin gloves while doing household tasks like doing dishes, clothes, etc.

●Check out your press-on nails regularly. If any defect is observed, make sure to fix it as soon as possible.

● Make sure to wash your hands properly after any chore to avoid infection.

● You may use your fingertips instead of nails to type and any other such task.

●Avoid frequent showering and washing hands.

Can You Paint Press-on Nails?

The answer to this question is a big Yes. Think yourself why would you wear them if can’t paint them? You are even free to paint them again and again.

You may paint and decorate them in several ways. While comes to painting them, you may use ordinary nail polishes or gel polish. Nevertheless of pigment type, make sure to avoid acetone-based nail polish remover that may dissolve your fake nail.


Finally, you are provided with a proper guide to press-on nails. You would love to make your press-on nails fit and flawless. To make your press-on mani fit, it’s crucial to apply them properly by considering every step. After you have applied them perfectly, you need to observe the above-mentioned tips to achieve professional glamour.

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