How to keep press-on nails on

Ladies always love to see themselves in tip-top condition. They aim to look adorable from head to toe. After beautifying their face, their second priority is to enhance their hands. 

No doubt, good nails add glamour to your hands and whole personality. Therefore, most women prefer fake or press-on nails to look more stylish, trendy, and chic. Press-on nails are available at affordable rates in any nearer market so that you can buy them easily.

Moreover, it’s super quick and easy to apply and remove press-on nails compared to other artificial nails. However, some clients have issues with its longevity. Are you also one of them? Yes?

Alright! There is nothing to be worried about. All you need is to know about the correct method of keeping your press-on nails on. Wondering, how can you do this? 

Let me be clear! 

Simply, if you’ll apply them perfectly and follow the nail care tips, you can surely keep press-on nails on. Further, this article will help you out.

Ensure you apply press-on nails perfectly. 

The first and foremost step to keep press-on nails on is to apply them perfectly. Various factors are included in the application process responsible for the durability of press-on nails. Therefore, you need to follow each step pretty carefully. 

Select the perfect size of press-ons

Press-on nails are available in different sizes, so choose the suitable one for your natural nail size. In case you can’t find the right size, you may select the most nearer one. 

Then take them out of the box trim them according to your requirement. Ensure that the size of the press-on nail is slightly smaller than your natural nail. This will aid in the perfect fitting of your press-on nail. For managing the width, filing of the edges is preferable. 

Furthermore, arrange the size of press-on nails according to your nails on some sheets before their application. 

Prepare your nails for application 

  • Cleanliness 

As soon as you’re done with selecting your press-on nails, switch towards your natural fingernails. Sanitize them perfectly with warm water and hand wash. Then dry it with water, as water is an obstacle between your nail and adhesive. 

  • Absorb oil

Afterward, absorb the moisture or oil present on your nails with the help of a cotton ball soaked with alcohol. 

  • Push the cuticles

If the press-on nail is applied to your cuticle skin, it will not provide better adhesion. Plus, it may harm and hurt your cuticles. Therefore, it’s best to push your cuticles back gently with a wooden stick or cuticle pusher. 

  • Buff your nails

Professional nail technicians always recommend buffing your nails before applying press-on nails. Filing your natural nails provides you with a rough surface. Such a surface is excellent for the performance of the nail glue. 

Apply nail glue and keep the press-on nails on 

Finally, the application process is here.

  • Pick up the press-on nail, apply a tiny dot of nail glue on its edges. 
  • Then use a small drop of glue on your natural nail and spread it on the entire nail bed. 
  • Place the press-on nail on your fingernail and exert gentle pressure towards the cuticle. 
  • Hold the press-on nail for a few seconds in order to ensure better adhesion. 
  • Repeat the same process for every nail, and you’re done with perfect application. 

Some beneficial nail care tips to keep press-on nails on 

After you have dealt with your press-ons manicure, you strive to keep them on for a longer time. Am I right? 

Of course, yes, because I also do the same. 

This is because you want to save both the time and money that you have expended on this manicure. However, I don’t think your concern is wrong; you’re hundred percent right.  

Although, for keeping press-on nails on, for a longer time, in addition to the correct application, you need to act upon some tips. 

Let’s jump straight into them!

  • Always remember to invest your money in good-quality nail glue and press-on nails. A perfect nail glue will provide you with firm adhesion and never harm your skin or nails. You’ll come across various market brands that offer nail glues and fake nails. Therefore, choose the top brand. 
  • Try to use a top coat on press-on nails during application. This will prevent the nails from bending or breaking. It provides shine and nourishment to nails and strengthens your press-on nails.
  • Press-on nails are sensitive to some harsh conditions such as heat, moisture, chemicals, detergents, etc., so avoid them.
  • Make sure you avoid taking a shower and swimming right after you have gone through your press-ons manicure. Water plays a vital role in weakening the adhesion of glue with your nail, thus loosening the press-on nails. 
  • Keep your hands neat and clean after putting on press-on nails. It is essential to prevent your nails from any bacterial or fungal infection. However, ensure that every time you wash your hands with soap, dry them with a towel to avoid moisture. 
  • Mainly, women love long nails, though shorter ones are comparatively more durable. The reason is, there are greater chances of breakage of longer nails if they are accidentally stuck with something. However, shorter ones are easy to carry. 


In the end, I hope you’re well aware of the solution to your query. There is no rocket science involved in keeping your press-on nails on. You only need the right guide and procedure to deal with press-on nails.

Moreover, your press-on nails can last a maximum of three weeks if you apply correctly and take enough good care. 

For better results, you are suggested to examine your press-on nails every night before going to bed. If you find some nail lifted, fix it back using the nail glue. 

Believe me; you’ll enjoy press-ons manicure to your fullest!

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