How to keep Press on Nails from Popping off?

In this developing era of nail art, press-on nails are the most affordable and convenient. Press-on nails are the fastest to put on without any adverse effect on your natural nails.


You won’t need to go to a salon, you would be comfortable putting on them at home. They are the best partner in any urgent event. But it would be your choice to put on them for only a single event or a few days.

If you are wearing them for a few days, you would be pondering, “how long-lasting are press-on nails?”

They may last up to 2 weeks if proper care is taken. You need to take some measures to make your press-ons more durable.

Let’s dive into the article to know about keeping press on nails from popping off.

Prepare Natural Nails for Press-on Nails

Your fake nails would stay longer if your natural nails are healthy enough to support them. You need to take care of your nails regularly and prepare them properly whenever you are going to put on press-on nails. 

Moreover, you need to follow the given steps for the early preparation of your nails.

Washing and Cleaning

While preparing your nails, it would be the first and foremost thing to clean your nails properly. It’s up to you to choose the way which is convenient for you. Further, you may use water or wipes for cleaning your nails. 

Different wipes are available to make nails clean, water would do the same. This cleaning may help you to remove any bacteria or any other microorganism.

Removing Dust or Dirt

If there is any dirt particle even after cleaning your nails, you must check it and remove it. Consequently, any dirt may disturb false nails if not checked on time. 

You would be relaxed to remove any dust by using a nail brush. It would be the most convenient tool for the dirt removal. The presence of dust may result in popping off artificial nails.

Dehydrate Your Nails

Dry nails would help to adhere to false nails longer and keep them from falling off. Although, any moisture  may affect the glue. You would have a large variety of options to dehydrate your nails. You may use rubbing alcohol, cotton, acetone, and other moisture-free products. In the same way, UV radiations are used for removing any moisture.

Shape Your Nails

You must need to attain a perfect nail shape before applying press on. You may trim and file your nails to get that perfection. This proper nail shape would help you a lot in adjusting press-ons and keeping them in place.

Remove Dead Cuticle

You would be comfortable in the application of press ons if there is no dead or damaged cuticle. You may use an orangewood stick to remove the damaged cuticle and to get a perfect nail plate for the attachment of press-ons. You may buff your nails to get a more admiring nail bed for attachment. Nail buffer would be used to remove cuticle and buff nails.

Proper Way of Application of press-on nails

You need to take care of the method of applying press-ons. Every step would be quite sensitive to the durability of  fake nails. Your press-ons wouldn’t fall off if every step is checked properly. Although, all steps matter but few are most important in preventing them from falling.  Those important factors are here;

Nail Size and Shape

Shape and size of press-ons are the most prior things in maintaining their durability. All you need to do is to cut them to fit the size and shape of your natural nails. Exactly fit press-ons would avoid any sort of mess and chances of popping off.  Longer press-ons may create more disturbance.

Medium-sized press-ons would look more natural and compact.  In addition to size, manage shape following natural nails shape.

Nail Glue

Nail glue is a key product to attach press-ons to natural nails. You need to be somehow careful in the selection and application of nail glue. Quality-wise good glue would stick them in a better way to avoid falling off.

You must apply only a thin coat of nail glue on your nails, excess may cause friction and chances of falling off press-on nails. Further, you don’t need to apply extra glue on them.  A thin coat would be enough to develop a proper seal.

Dehydrate and Avoid Water

After you have applied press on, you need to be conscious to avoid water and moisture. Make sure to dehydrate press-ons and keep them away from water for at least 2-3 hours after application.

Water may reduce the sticking ability of glues. Once your press-ons are dry enough after a few hours, you may use them in a water medium but up to a certain limit.


If you want your press-ons to last longer, you need to follow some precautions to keep them away from falling off. Some of those precautions are listed down;

● You may use fingertips rather than nails for several tasks like typing in office work. It would certainly reduce the chances of falling off press-on nails.

● You may use thin gloves during household chores. Gloves would protect your press-ons from water while washing dishes, clothes, etc. Gloves would provide safety and eliminate chances of popping off.

● You may carry nail glue and buffer with you in your bag. As a result, you would be able to repair press-ons immediately, if any damage is checked.

● You may check out your press-on nails every night and repair any errors.

Final Words

Finally, you are provided with proper guidelines about taking care of press-ons and protecting them from falling off.

You would be able to choose convenient ways to keep press-ons from falling off, after knowing all that given methods.

It’s up to you to wear press-ons for a short time or long term. Instructions would be different in both cases.

Your press-ons wouldn’t fall off if you consider the above measures and want them to last longer.

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