How to Get Press on Nails to Stay on

The social media craze has added to the worries of millennials. They also have to worry about their appearance. Having your nails done on time can be an inconvenience for those who love nail art. While they may have the time to go to the salon every two weeks, they cannot afford the expenses. So, how about press-on nails?


Besides being affordable, trendy, fashionable, and easy to wear, press-on nails are also easy to apply. It’s been decades since DIY became popular. Your nail spending can be cut by using them. People who use press-on nails often don’t set foot in a nail salon for months after installing them. Nevertheless, with the right glam finish, you will appear to have spent the big bucks on your nails. It takes no time at all for you to master this act!

What are press-on nails?

A popular trend from the late ’90s to early 2000s was press-on nails. Glue-on nails, as the name suggests, are synthetic nails made from acrylic resin. The clients just have to glue them on the top of their natural nails.

Different manufacturers use different acrylic resins to make their fake nails, resulting in slight variations from one product to the next.

How to apply Press-on nails?

You are more likely to have a longer-lasting press-on nail if your natural nails are healthy. Therefore, it is imperative that you practice proper hand hygiene. Since press-on nails come in a kit, you will find almost everything you need inside the box. A nail glue kit usually includes buffers, nails, and nail glue. When you switch manufacturers, the kit may have a different set of contents.

Some of the things you will need to apply press-on nails are as follows:

  • Cuticle nipper
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Metal pusher
  • Nail file
  • Nail cutter
  • Cuticle oil
  • Glue
  • Press-on nails

Let’s get an overview of the steps to apply press-on nails!

1-Meet your match:

Make sure you take out the false nails from the nail set and measure them on your fingers to make sure they fit your different fingernails. Arrangement: Set them up in front of you so that you can clearly see which one goes on which finger.

2-Get your Falsies ready:

Some of the press-on nails may not cover all your fingers perfectly. When this happens, you can use your buffer to shape and lengthen them. If they are already long enough, you can cut them shorter with the buffer.

3-Prepare your fingernails:

Your fingernails should be washed thoroughly and dried on a clean towel. Make sure to remove any residual polish. Push your cuticles back with a metal pusher and then use a cuticle nipper to make sure they are trimmed.

4-If you should buff or not:

You will wind up being told to buff the nail surface in most tutorials. This will leave a slightly coarser surface, which will help the false nail stick to your natural nails better; however, note that over time, this may also damage your finger. Once you create a layer of protection between your nail and the glue, you can slightly buff your nail after applying a coat and letting it dry.

5-Apply nail glue and press on nails:

Last but not least, make sure you apply the glue to both your nails and your finger. To ensure that the falsie sticks properly to your fingernail, press down on it for 30 seconds to a minute. Just for the sake of convenience, it is always better to start with the pinkie and then progress to the thumb.

How long does press-on nail application last?

It is common for people to be concerned about how long their application of press-on nails will last. A complete set of press-on nails can last you up to two weeks, depending on your productivity and how fast your nails grow. You don’t want to feel embarrassed if a nail falls off in public.

Here is a tip for making your press-on nails last up to two weeks!

  • Make sure you have no natural oil or polish left on your nails before applying your falsie. Even a small amount of oil or polish will affect the glue’s effectiveness.
  • It’s better to choose shorter press-on nails over longer ones. Most products are long, but you can take them down to your desired length using a nail cutter.
  • Your nails will stay healthier if you massage cuticle oil into your fingers.
  • You should always carry extra glue with you wherever you go. Your press-on nail kit may include glue, but it’s always best to have a backup. Make sure you have a bottle of glue on hand in case one of the press-ons falls off.
  • Using a topcoat will not only make your nails look more professional but will also increase the ability of your natural nails and false nails to adhere. Topcoats tend to harden the nail surfaces, resulting in stronger nails.
  • We recommend that the manicure be done at night, just before going to bed, to avoid contact with water for at least 2 hours after application.
  • You should avoid swimming. As chlorine has been proven to soften fake nails and discolor them. To counter that, we highly recommend applying a top coat before heading out in the water. We want your nail art to be protected.
  • Your fingernails should be washed thoroughly and dried on a clean towel. Make sure to remove any residual polish. Push your cuticles back with a metal pusher and then use a cuticle nipper to make sure they are trimmed.

A Few Final Thoughts:

Press-on nails are easily affordable. If you are concerned about your nail art, go and buy a press-on nails kit for yourself, and enjoy your nail art. Your worry about spending money in salons on your nails every month has come to an end!

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