How to apply press-on nails

We all are aware of the worth of makeup for women in today’s world. Makeup makes women more confident and appealing. 


However, the makeover is not only linked with your face rather, but your hands also play a vital role in adding glamour to your personality. According to a study, the beauty and length of your fingers are associated with your facial attractiveness. 

That’s why women strive for getting longer fake nails as they make their fingers look pretty longer. And, I think there is no issue in that, every lady has the right to look gorgeous.

However, you might be facing problems while applying the press-on nails. Am I right? 

On top of that, you feel exhausted when you have to go to some event and you get fully ready but you don’t know how to apply your press-on nails. Obviously, you could not rush to the salon at the eleventh hour, to just put your press-on nails. 

Thus, to avoid such situations you should know the way of applying press-ons. Well, you need not worry, as I’m here to guide you about it. 

So, stand by for learning fantastic tips!

Materials Required For the Application of Press-on Nails 

You might have observed your makeup artist, using various apparatus for applying fake nails on your fingers. Therefore, before applying the press-on nails you must have the following materials;

  • Good quality Press-on nails.
  • Nail glue or some other high-quality adhesive.
  • Cuticle pusher stick (wooden or other)
  • Nail file for buffing the nails.
  • A small bowl containing warm water in it.
  • Nail Paint Remover or acetone.
  • Nail clippers.
  • Cotton buds.

With all the above-mentioned materials in your hand, you’re ready to apply the press-on nails on your fingers. 

Steps to be followed for applying press-ons

Certain steps are to be followed before and during putting on your press-on nails. Let’s dive right into them, for better understanding. 

  1. Prepare your nails 

First of all, you need to prepare your nails for the application of fake nails. Therefore, soak the tips of your fingers in the warm water for a few minutes. This will make your nail cuticles soft. 

Then use the cuticle pusher to push the cuticles of your nails and remove the excess cuticles with the help of a nail clipper. 

Afterward, cut your nails to a suitable size and give them the desired shape with the nail file. Finally, use some nail polish remover to remove any oil present on the nail beds. 

Now you’re fully prepared for the application of press-on nails, so here we go;

Select the suitable size of press-on nails

Choosing the right size of the press-on nails is the most important factor. Usually, the artificial nail kits come in various shapes and sizes. The first and foremost thing you need to consider about the size of the nails is their width.

Mainly, it is found that the press-on nails little smaller in width than your natural nails are perfect for the application. Moreover, it gives a quite natural look to your nails. 

Then, comes the length of the press-on nails, which is not at all a big deal. Either, you can buy the longest ones, or you can cut and shape them in a smaller size if required.

Generally, small or normal-sized press-on nails are recommended as they prevent them from popping off.

Choose the adhesive 

You need to be pretty cautious while choosing the adhesive for the attachment of your artificial nails. Let’s consider, you are getting ready for some party and want to apply the press-ons temporarily. In this case, you should use adhesive tape as it provides a temporary attachment. 

However, if you are a great lover of press-on nails and always wish to see your nails covered with press-ons, then you should use nail glue. A good-quality glue lasts your press-on nails more than a week or two.  

Moreover, some people are allergic to glues, so they should avoid super glue and low-quality glues. 

Place the press-ons on your natural nails for application

After choosing the adhesive, arrange the press-on nails on a sheet in an order according to the size of your nails. Then pick up the one and apply a sufficient amount of glue on the press-on nail as well as your natural nail.

Now, place the artificial nail on your natural nail bed carefully, right above the cuticle line. After placing it naturally and perfectly, gently press it for 10 to 20 seconds. This will allow a firm attachment to your natural nail bed.

Then trim the nails to get the desired shape and length, in case they are not according to your taste. 

At last, use a cotton pad soaked with acetone or nail polish remover to remove the excess glue on the fingertips. 

Follow the same process for the application of other press-on nails on all your nails. 

Wash your hands

Finally, after the removal of the excess glue from your hands, wash them thoroughly with some soap. Further, moisturize your hands by using cuticle oil or some other daily moisturizer. 

How to Remove Press-on Nails safely? 

It’s quite simple and easy to remove the press-on nails. There are different techniques which you can use for the removal.  For example, you may use soap water, acetone, cuticle oil, and nail polish remover to remove the press-on nails safely. 

However, all you need is to be pretty cautious and vigilant while removing them. Your slight carelessness can cause serious damage to your nails. 

Final Verdict 

Hopefully, you are now well aware of the application of press-on nails like a pro. You don’t have to go the extra mile for the application of press-on nails. It’s pretty simple and convenient to apply. 

However, I’ll recommend you not to use artificial nails for a longer time, it may vanish the natural shine of your nails. Always leave your natural nails naked for at least two weeks, after the removal of fake nails.

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