How Press-on nails are made

Years ago, people used to think that press-on nails were ordinary and fake, but time has changed now.


Now it is something very special and compulsory in your fashion sense. It gives a booster to your beauty and grooms your look. We all live in a time where people are very conscious about their looks and appearance. In the world of fashion, fake nails are on trend now. 

Press-on nails are very popular and are now also available everywhere. You can get them easily either from your local marketplace or online. These are pocket-friendly and also could be very expensive. It depends on the quality or brand name.   

There valuable part: 

  1. Press-on nails are healthy as they won’t damage your natural nails. It means that when you will pop up them or remove them, they won’t cause harm. Just be a little careful while putting them off.
  2. They are of different colors and designs. You can choose your favorite color and select the design that will suit your personality very well. This is the best thing because it gives you a lot of range of different shades.
  3. These are affordable and save your time too.
  4. They have a long-lasting quality.

Can you make it by yourself?

This is the common question that everyone has in their mind regarding press-on nails. As we know, we live in an era where people want everything fast with perfection. So, the answer is yes, of course.

Many girls hate to go to the parlor for press-on nails because it takes much time there. And one another reason is that these are expensive there and they don’t want to spend a heavy amount every month. 

So, the good option is to make them by yourself and here is how you can make them. Before jumping on the method, let’s see some things you will need to make them.


  1. Nail Display Stand
  2. File
  3. Base Coat
  4. Top Coat
  5. Polish or Gel polish
  6. Decoration kinds of stuff 
  7. Full coverage tips
  8. UV lamp
  9. Cuticle pusher
  10. Cuticle oil
  11. Nail trimmer
  12. Art brushes
  13. Gel or Polygel
  14. Glue

Process of making the Press-on Nails:


First of all, clean and clear the area where you are making your press-on nails. Select the area of your house where it will be feasible to make them. This area should be clean, and if it is wide also, it will be well and good.

Gather your materials/kinds of stuff to use to make your press-on nails. For example, brushes, nail files, decoration stuff, etc.

Clean your hands now. There should be no dust on your hand, and also your nails should also be clean. This is the time where everyone should be aware. If you are hygiene conscious, this step matters a lot for you.

Use your nail stand

Time for your nail stand, select a good quality nail to stand the magnetic one of good choice. Now place the nails on the stand.

Choosing the right sized nail tips 

Next, choose the nail tips that fit you the best. Measure the nail tips and do this carefully. Choose and check that these fit each finger. Choose the best size. You can also give them the size of your choice, and here in this step, you can size them by nail trimmer.

Trim and file for a smooth shape

When you trim your nails to put them in the size you want, these could be rough. So, here you should file the edges to give them a smooth shape. File the edges of nails to make them well-shaped. 

Remove the shine

Now remove the shine from your nails and make the top part rough with the help of a nail file.

Apply base coat

The next step is the application of the base coat. Remember that it should be a smooth layer, and it should not be a tacky layer.

Time for your favorite color

Now is the time to apply the desired coat of your gel polish color. Apply it all over the nail, so it should cover all the area of the nail. 

Let them Dry

Dry them with a UV lamp and apply a second layer for a better result. And dry them again. It also should be the smoother one.

Design the nails

This is favorite part of every girl as girls are lovers of art by nature. They love the colors, shine, glamour, etc. In nail art, there are many accessories that you can use to decorate your nails.

Here, the step is to design the nails with your desired color or polish.

Many decorating things are available in the market, like beads shining, rapes shiners, etc. You can use any of them to give your nails a look that you wish.

Some suggestions 

  • Use nail polish, which will make your nail look glamorous and beautiful.
  • You can also go for the nail stamping method, which is the more stylish one. If you want to look more stylish, this is the best choice.
  • The third option is stickers that are very popular nowadays.

Topcoat/ final touch 

Now the step is for the topcoat. Apply the top coat on your nails. That will make it look shiny. And that’s it; your press-on nails are ready for the application. With the help of glue, you can put them on, and this will look incredible. 


We all love nail art, and many girls are madly in love with them. The salon treatment could be expensive, and it can take much of your time. 

This process of making an appointment then going to the salon and waiting for your number could be exhausting for you. So with the method told above, you can make your press-on nails that are easy, fast, and pocket-friendly.

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