How old you should be to get acrylic nails

Who does not like to relax? You can save an option of a good manicure for yourself. It is a good option to look beautiful and feel all put together formally.


Most of the women have this monthly routine to treat themselves nicely. A manicure is always at top of the list. As nails acrylics is anyhow promising and give a top pop look.

But thinking about all of this, have you ever thought about what is the age limit for you to get acrylics? Are acrylic nails safe for young girls? What should be the age to get acrylic nails?

We have everything that you should know about acrylic nails.

At what age you can get acrylic nails?

This query always varies by person. So many professional nail dermatologists recommend that you should be eighteen years or above to get acrylic nails.

Whereas, so many nail artists suggest that sixteen is the age when you can get acrylics. This is because of the sense that you should know the way to look after acrylic nails.

So many salons have different policies some stick to that strictly or some can be a little lenient to it. However, it makes sense when you are sixteen it is younger, you can take responsibility.

If you are younger than sixteen then you should know that there can be difficulties. So, from here on you can take your decision.

What is the perfect age to get acrylic nails?

For so many salons they have all different policies. Many of them refuse to get you acrylic nails because of the age factor.

However, from a legal perspective, there is no particular age to get acrylic nails. Nobody from a legal barrier can stop an individual to get acrylic nails or gel extensions.

However, considering that it is not illegal doesn’t mean that you will go for that option without a thought. As acrylic nails are build-up by using harsh chemicals and are not good for your nails.

Also, acrylic nails need a lot of care and attention. As you are the only one responsible for taking care. Going to a nail salon again and again for the maintenance of your nails is not a good idea.

As salons are costly and they charge a lot. So it is not reliable at all and it won’t work for a long time. That is why the age barrier is kept along. After a certain age, you are mature enough to take care of yourself.

That is why the age of sixteen years is considered a good age to get acrylics as you can look after your nails and work out with them flawlessly.

Hustles of getting acrylics at a very young age.

• You cant take care of your acrylics perfectly.

• More chance of breakage.

• High risk to nail infections i.e, a fungal infection.

• Dry nails at a very young age.

• High chances of damaged skin around nails.

These all are the problems you can face when you are planning to get your acrylic nails at a very young age. 

Why consider the age limit while getting acrylic nails?

As so many professionals and nail dermatologists have recommended a good age for acrylic nails is because of side effects. As far as it is not illegal it does not mean that acrylic nails are a healthy option.

At a certain age, we are more responsible and we can take care of ourselves. However, if we are unable to take care of acrylic nails there are so many downsides too.

As it can be the reason for fungal infections and lead to damage to your nails. Until a young age, the growth of your nails is too fast which means you have to be more frequent with the acrylic application.

Even children under sixteen shouldn’t be allowed to get acrylic nails or any kind of nail art. It is harmful as it causes more chances of infections. Also, it can restrict so many child activities.

A good age for acrylic nails.

Sixteen or above sixteen years old can get acrylic nails but only for special occasions. Do not go overboard with the process as the skin around your nails is sensitive it can get damaged.

Because at this age your nails and your skin are a little bit mature enough to handle the process. Also, you are careful enough to take care of your nails by yourself.

If you know someone who is so much interested in acrylic nails and their sweet sixteen is around the corner. You should just simply surprise them with acrylic nails.

Some good alternatives for acrylic nails.

Press on nails are a pretty good option for young people. You can grab a nail kit from your nearest store or online. Otherwise, you can stick to nail paint and try to create nail art with them.

There are so many ideas that you can create and make your nail all pop up before the big event. It looks so similar to acrylic nails yet so simple and easy to get. Also, it does not damage your nails at all.


Concluding this it is very clear that acrylic nails are so in trend. They are good for the girls, sixteen and above only. That is why so many nail stations have several policies.

While people take acrylic just like a manicure but it takes a lot of responsibility and time to preserve. So keeping that in mind it is not for younger teens as they are already busy with their growing life.

There are so many alternatives in the market which are so similar to acrylics. So keep them for the age of sixteen years and above.

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