How Long Should You Wear Press-on Nails

If you are stuck to going salon for acrylics and gel manicures, you must try something new and exciting. In this hectic era, the only option left is press-on nails. When you listen to the word press-on nails, your mind might stick to that cheap press-on nails you used to get from drug stores in childhood.


With time, press-on nails have been entirely groomed. Now, they constitute acrylic resin material to give a complete finish like an acrylic manicure. They are usually easy and fastest to apply. Moreover, they would help you to do your nails even on a low budget. 

One of the most important things is that you don’t need to put them on every day. They may last longer even in a single-use. Their durability is commonly 2 to 3 weeks. You need to follow several measures to make press-on mani last longer. The only question left is that what you need to do if your mani is perfect even after this span.

What to Do with Your Manicure After Two Weeks?

After 2 weeks of manicure, make sure to remove your fake nails even if they look pretty good. If you don’t check out your manicure even after 2 weeks, it will hurt your natural nails. Make sure to maintain the healthy hygiene of your nails at first. 

The main damage that may occur to your natural nails is infection. After this tenure, your natural nails may grow and create a gap between your nails and fake nails. This space may enclose moisture and cause infection to your nail beds. Many other terrible effects can be seen.

The reasons behind this horrible nail health may include;

Neglecting Glue Quality

While putting on press-on nails, you need to have high-quality nail glue. If your nail glue is cheap, it would ruin your mani as well as your natural nails. Moreover, you need to be careful to check the expiry date of the glue. It would be quite toxic to your cuticles if it is expired.

Neglecting Cuticles

A healthy and fresh cuticle would support fake nails for a longer duration. Be careful to buff your cuticles and push them back gently if have overgrown or any damaged area.

Skipping Prepping Nail Beds

Whatever manicure you are going to have, the first and foremost step is to prep your natural nails to adhere to fake nails. If you are not pretty careful in preparing your natural nails, they may get infections and nail damage.

Improper Filling

It’s the most important phase to file your nails perfectly. If your nails are not filed with a good filer, your nail may get weak and end up with breakage and dull health.

Skipping Base Coat

Basecoat is applied to protect your cuticles from any harmful effect of false nails. So, make sure to get a good-quality base coat and apply it over your entire nail bed without any risk.

Improper Application And Removal 

When it comes to the durability of your fake nails, their application is the most important thing. Every step is quite important in maintaining the vitality of your manicure. So, make sure to apply your press-on nails in a pretty good way to avoid any nail damage.

While talking about nail issues after a manicure, the most significant step is the removal of the manicure to eliminate such dangers.


If your nails and fingers are having any injury, it would contain several micro-organisms which may enter between nail beds and press-on nails to cause infection. So, avoid getting any manicure with injured hands and nails to make nail health your priority.

Do You Need to Take A Break from Press-on Manicure?

Nowadays, many manicures are loved by ladies but they may affect your nail health. Acrylic and gel manicures are the most trending but contain a lot of chemicals. These chemicals are pretty damaging. Among all these synthetic nails, press-on nails are the safest place for you. They may hurt your nails least or almost not if a proper care routine is followed.

However, they are pretty good but your nails need a break to breathe. You may not take the risk to damage your nails permanently for temporary looks. So, make sure to have a gap between every manicure. If you need to have perfectly done nails all the time, you may take a break of a month after 5 to 6 months of regular manicures. This break would strengthen and freshen your natural nails.

Nail Care Tips

After you have removed your fake nails and your natural nails are bare, you need to take the following measures to improve your nail health. It’s the best time to make your nails healthy. So, some important tips are listed below.

● Moisturize your hands and nails properly. Make sure to apply moisturizing cream on your hands and cuticle oil on your nails to hydrate them. Dehydrated nails and skin are at great risk of nail damage.

● Make sure to tame your cuticles adequately and avoid pulling them off to remove any bloody and damaged area.

● Drink plenty of water to nourish your nails. Many technicians recommend drinking water to improve nail health.

● Buff your nails to make them breathe naturally rather than applying a lot of polishes. If you want to apply nail pigment, make sure to choose the one without parabens and sulfates that may damage your nails.

● If you have got nail paint, be careful to remove it with acetone-free nail polish remover. Acetone is a harsh chemical to harms your natural nails.

● Make sure to remove any nail polish or fake nails properly by soaking them in a proper liquid and pushing them off gently.

Final Words

In the end, you are well aware of the durability of press-on nails. You need to remove them after two weeks to maintain good nail health. Make sure to avoid some mistakes that may harm your nails. 

You are provided with various tips to opt for after a manicure to make your nails breathe naturally and healthy.  Enjoy your manicure and make sure to maintain healthy nails !!

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