How long do press-on nails last

Press-on nails are now a trend, fashion, type, style. It’s now a beauty that every girl adores or wants, and no doubt truly it looks so amazing and mesmerising too. This trend is going so much now in the world.


Every girl is now trying to get acrylic nails or press-on nails. It makes you look so much more enhanced and beautiful and gives a total boss lady or you can say a total sophisticated touch too.

Life is too short and you should try these kinds of press-on or stick-on nails. It is a time saviour thing too and the best part is that they are easily available for purchase all over the world. There are so many websites where you can find them.

And they are pretty reasonable, you can imagine that it is a total steal.

Press-on nails help a lot to put your look altogether and make you look like a dashing diva and a good set of nails makes you look so well out of place.

How to put on press-on nails?

There are so many ways to put these press-on nails like you can use adhesive nail glue which is easily available in our local markets or you can go to online stores for buying different brands.

While using it you have to put that adhesive glue on the inner lower part of your press-on nail and then apply it to your nail holds and press it for a few seconds. The same goes with the other, in only a few minutes you are done.

This is a great way to enhance your look with an easy touch. It just takes a little time and effort.

However, considering putting glue for press-on nails can be a little damaging to your nails. Your nails are quite sensitive and need care. When we put glue it makes them a little damaged as a result we get weak nails and they do not grow as fast as before.

Instead of glue, using DIY hacks or DIY glues is a better option.

How to make press-on nails more durable?

Once you put press-ons to your nails, you definitely strive in order to last them long. Right?

Of course, yes!

In this regard, you have to adopt some steps. Your first and foremost priority should be buying high-quality nails. Obviously, if the quality is better, they will last longer. However, if you buy some local quality, cheap press-on nails and expect that they last longer, it’s totally foolish.

Even for the maintenance of high-quality press-on nails, you have to be pretty cautious. Let’s dive into some methods to keep your press-ons much more durable.

  • Always rub your nails with the alcohol before applying any fake nails. It’s important to remove the oil from your nails. This will ensure the firm bonding of press-on nails.
  • Keep the bottle of glue alongside you, wherever you go outside. So, whenever you feel that your fake nails are loose, you can tighten them.
  • Top-coat will be a plus point for the durability of your press-ons. It not only provides shine to your nails but also hardens the surfaces.
  • Try to have regular pedicures to keep your nails and hands ready all the time to give an enhanced look.
  • Push the cuticles with the filer and moisturise them before applying press-on nails. This will adjust them more firmly.

Also use the nail cleansing pad to give an extra shine and vibe to your nails. Even if your nails are healthy it will benefit you to stay longer.

However, You have to get good quality press-on nails if its not good no matter what glue or whatever care you take will be useless.

What are the Precautionary measures you need to follow for long lasting press-on nails?

You need to take some precautionary measures so that your press-on nails don’t get damaged. Be gentle while doing your tasks.

Here are some precautions you need to follow

  • Mostly, women need to do house chores so go for the gloves while washing dishes or clothes. Long exposure to water may cause damage or breakage to your press-ons.
  • Avoid taking a bath immediately after you put on your press-on nails. Soap is the key element that will pop off your nails instantly. At least, wait for two hours.
  • Swimming for a longer time can also loosen your fake nails.
  • Try to avoid longer nails and prefer shorter ones. Appropriate size of the nails also matters a lot.  Though, longer nails are more modish and chic but there are more chances of popping off. Especially,  in the case they are stuck with something accidentally.
  • Always make sure that your nails are clean and debris-free before applying any glue to them. Press-on nails never stick on dirty nails. Clean nails are not only favourable for your fake nails but also maintain hygiene.
  • Focus on the quality of the glue you are using to stick your fake nails. There are numerous brands offering excellent nail glues. Therefore, prefer the best ones. Once the press-on nails adhere firmly, they will last for a longer time.


So, now concluding, if you want your press-on nails to last long enough so you have to get a good quality of the nails and then you have to keep them healthy and clean all the time.

And avoid opening any hard can or any kind of hard tape which can cause a pop-off or breakage scenario.

Maintaining press-on nails for a long time is surely a hustle but worth it and it makes the glam always more lit.

If you are taking all kinds of professional and usual notes on maintaining your nails you can surely sleek them for a long period, and go with the flow. Keep in mind in every case that you have to be careful and also yes as they are press-on they only will last according to the time and not more.

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