How Long Do Gel-X Nails Last

The nail industry is grooming day by day.  Fresh styles are arriving from time to time and people are super excited to cheer recent fashions and set new trends. Being a fan of nail art, you would love to try every trend but your nails may not withstand these rapid transformations.


So, almost everyone is wearing fake nails to be a part of every trend. Acrylics, press on nails, hard gel nails, and fiberglass nails are among the most popular false nails. If you are tired of wearing acrylics and press-on nails, you may try something different. The best alternative to acrylics is gel-x nails.

If long nails are trending and you dream of having long nails, it’s not possible to grow your natural nails long overnight. In this crisis, the only thing that may help you to have long nails immediately is gel-x nail extensions.

Moreover, gel-x nails are a healthier and safer alternative to acrylic nails. They are available in a huge diversity of sizes and shapes. One more plus point is that they add more length to your nails unlike acrylics and hard gel extensions.

Let’s move ahead to get more awareness about gel-x nails.

What Are Gel-X Nails?

While heading to any other aspect, it’s the first and foremost thing to know a few basic facts about gel-x extensions.

Gel-x nails are the lovechild of gel mani, acrylics, press-on extensions. They are formulated by keeping an eye on all these well-known manicures. Their worthy features are kept in consideration.

Best of all is combined to get this advanced system. They possess length like press-on nails and material of ordinary gel polish. So, they are malleable, soft, and thin.

Moreover, they give the same trendy look as acrylics but in a healthier way and with better coverage.

How Durable Are Gel-X Extensions?

When we talk about the durability of false nails, it may vary from type to type. Various factors are involved in determining the lifespan of extensions.

In the case of gel-x extensions, they are more long-lasting than all other fake nails. This feature makes them fairer than others.

They are strong enough to withstand and last up to 3 to 4 weeks without any filling and lifting. While for others, you need to visit the salon regularly for filling and fixing any chipping.

If you are a working lady or housewife, they would help you to maintain everything. They would not chip off during house chores or office work due to their strong grip on natural nails. They may even survive washing dishes, clothes, etc.

This strength is due to full coverage over the nail bed, not only on tips like acrylics and press-on manicures. The duration in the case of gel-x extensions is entirely determined by the quality of the nail kit and the directions followed to put them.


While talking about the stability of gel-x extensions, the quality of the extensions kit is foremost to consider. This kit includes all necessary items of this manicure like nail primer, extensions, etc. Among all, the quality of nails is most important. The material should be good enough to make them durable.

If you choose a high-quality brand, you would be able to have a great variety of nail shapes. You may choose one from the round, square, coffin, etc. You would be allowed to trim them to have the wanted size. You may also feel free to get the desired shape if have any expertise in it.

Moreover, they are transparent and clear. So, you would be able to paint them the way you dream of. You would be allowed to do any nail art. This character imparts worth to gel-x extensions.


The way how gel-x nails are applied is most crucial in determining their vitality. If they are installed with no ignorance, they may last up to five weeks.

Its application is different from those of other nails like press-on, acrylic, shellac, fiberglass, etc. Others just adhere to your nail tips while gel-x sticks your entire nail bed covering edges to avoid lifting.

If you have prepared your nail perfectly, there would be great ease in putting on gel-x extensions. Essential things for preparation are also provided with extensions in the kit.

All you need is to prepare your nails with pH bonder and nail primer then apply a coat of gel polish and cure it under an LED lamp for 60 seconds. After this, your nails are ready to get gel-x extensions.

Make sure to do all these steps perfectly and secure your nail tips and edges to keep from chipping off.

After four weeks of manicure, make sure to remove gel-x nails even if they are in good condition and haven’t broken or damaged. In this duration, your nails may also grow so they may cause trouble to gel-x nails. After this span, gel-x manicure would start hurting your natural nails.

Why Should Go for Gel-X Nails?

There are so many reasons to choose gel-x extensions. It’s a new technique to add length to your nails. Some of the motives to do so are listed below.

  • They are light in weight.
  • They are long and strong enough to survive for a long time.
  • You are free to choose the wanted size and shape. Shape variety includes square, round, coffin, etc
  • They are healthier and safer for your nails than acrylics.
  • They are far easy to apply and remove than acrylics.

Is there any downside to gel-x manicure?

Gel-x manicure is overall satisfactory, the only downside being faced is; they may not work that flawlessly if your nails are too short.


Finally, you are provided with a precise basic guide to a gel-x manicure. You are served with awareness about this emerging system which is taking place of acrylics to add length to your nails.

Furthermore, gel-x extensions last longer than ordinary synthetic nails. They would enable you to save your time and to have different look every day if you are an outgoing or working lady.

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