How do I remove press-on nails

With the flowing trend all over the world regarding press-on nails. Everyone out there is excited to try them out. Press-on nails give you the look of a perfect manicure in a time of minutes.


However, it is not at all easy to remove them afterward. In some cases, it can be a painful process too but it is not at all hectic. You can remove your press-on nails in your home space easily.

You can try a few things to remove your press-on nails as you can try to soak your hands in warm water, try soapy water, cuticle pusher, wooden stick, essential oils, acetone, nail polish remover, or some DIY hacks too.

Remember, that after taking out the press-on nails you have to take care of your hands with huge moisture and massage them gently because in all this process of removing press-on nails your hands get dry.

You can use the following methods as they are very helpful.

1) Use warm water

Soaking your hands in warm water can help a lot to remove your press-on nails without any struggle and pain

• Take a bowl of warm water, add some soap, shampoo, or anything which can make a foam.

• Soak your hands in that water for at least ten minutes and try to move your nails with the help of a wooden stick.

• After that, you will see that the adhesive glue is loosened up and you can remove press-on nails easily.

2) Use a Cuticle pusher to pluck the press-on nails

You can use the cuticle pusher to remove your press-on nails as sometimes warm water does not work. 

• You have to use the wooden cuticle pusher to start from the cuticle to the tip of your nail.

• After that, you have to move the pointed wooden stick and move your press-on nail back and forth.

• It will help loosen up your nails and the press-on nails will come off.

3) Use essential oil

You can try essential oils because adhesive glue makes your nails dry and the moisture can help press-on nails to lose. As the oil will provide moisture to nails and will soften the glue.

• You have to put a few drops of the essential oil on your nails.

• Massage your cuticles gently and push press-on nails gently.

• It will help a lot to take the press-on nails out.

4) Use of acetone formula

Acetone is a chemical formula that is generally used in nail polish removers. It is not so harsh but you have to be careful. Acetone makes your nails dry so try to use it a little bit only.

• Take a bowl of warm water put an organized amount of acetone formula.

• Soak your hands for a few minutes in the bowl, take them out, and gently remove your press-on nails.

• If you don’t want to soak your hands directly in the bowl you can also use the cotton pad.

• Take a cotton pad put some amount of acetone and massage it in your cuticle that will help too.

5) Use Nail polish remover

As the nail polish remover has the same acetone formula but yes it is not as dense. You can use nail polish remover as an alternative, if you don’t have acetone.  

It helps so fast to remove press-on nails but it is not healthy for your original nails because it leads to a lot of dryness.

• Soak your fingernails in the nail polish remover for five to six minutes.

• With the help of a pointed wooden stick push the cuticles of press-on nails and pluck them out.

6) Scratch out the remaining adhesive glue 

After removing all of the press-on nails you have to take care of your original nails but peel off all the leftover glue. You can take the help of buff and scratch that glue off your nails.

• If you see that the glue is not coming off then you can soak your nails in warm water.

• You can also use some nail polish remover on a cotton pad and remove the glue with the help of it.

7) DIY press-on nails remover

However, trying everything you also should try some DIY hacks that we got for you. You can use these hacks when you don’t have the specifics available at your home to remove press-on nails.

DIY vinegar press-on nails remover

• You can use some vinegar and mix it with water and soak your nails for almost twenty minutes.

• After soaking your nails for the appropriate time remove your press-on nails and wash your hands gently.

• It will not work as fast as acetone but it will surely

 DIY baking soda press-on nails remover

• Take a bowl of warm water soak your nails in it and sprinkle some of the baking soda at the top.

• Take an old toothbrush and gently scrub the down areas of all nails.

• It will help your nails to lift and then you can take your press-on nails easily.     

In some cases, you can also use a mixture of vinegar and rubbing alcohol as you don’t want to use chemicals directly to remove press-on nails. Rubbing alcohol is also used in nail polish removers.

However, this mixture is also used to remove acrylic nails or gel nails.

After trying any of the ways to remove your press-on nails do take care of your nails and hands. As the acetone or nail polish remover dries out your hands and takes all the moisture.

Wash your hands gently with any good product and then moisturize them in a nice amount. It will balance the level and your hands and nails both will be healthy.


All of this time we want to explore new things and experience them press-on nails are also one of them. So we have all the options you need when you want to remove your press-on nails.

These ways are the simplest yet most helpful for try out.

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