How can you remove nail glue from fake nails

If you are obsessed with fake nails, you might be aware of the worth of nail glue. You can’t hold fake nails with your natural nails without the assistance of nail glue. 


We all know how vital these fake nails are for women’s appealing personalities. That’s why fake nails and nail glue are in great use. However, besides the fun of artificial nails, you also have to experience some inconvenience due to nail glue.

Usually, nail glues contain a component known as a cyanoacrylate, which is quite dangerous for you. Therefore, ensure that you remove it properly from your nails while peeling off the fake nails.

Although nail glue is more sticky than typical adhesives, it’s hard to remove it. Most of you might search for methods of eliminating nail glue from fake nails. Right? 

Don’t worry; we have got you covered!

How is nail glue different from other glues?

You come across different glues in a day, such as fixing some glass, furniture, or used for pasting the objects while working on some project. Normal glues are pretty different from nail glue in composition as well as functioning. 

Other glues can’t provide proper adhesion as they are not designed to stick to the human body cells. Due to this, your fake nails may pop off soon. 

You may say that nail glue is similar to super glue. How is it? This is because both of them contain cyanoacrylate while others don’t. However, there is a slight difference in viscosity and intensity between the nail and super glue. 

You can’t consider every nail glue harmful because some hypoallergenic ones are available in the market. All you need is to sort out the best one for yourself. 

What is the perfect way to remove the nail glue from your nails?

It’s evident that we need to say goodbye to our fake nails from our hands after a week or two. At that time, the biggest problem we find is to remove the nail glue effectively from our nails. Until now, we have seen that nail glue is pretty sticky, and it’s tough to remove it. 

Let’s learn the efficient way of removing nail glue from fake nails.

Materials you will need;

Before starting the procedure, make sure that you have the following materials;

  • A small basin containing warm water.
  • Soap or liquid hand wash.
  • Acetone or nail polish remover.
  • Cotton pads.
  • Cuticle oil
  • Buffer or a nail file
  • Nail clipper

I’m sure you’ll find all the tools mentioned above at your home.

Steps to be followed 

  • Firstly, mix the liquid hand wash in the bowl containing warm water. And soak your hands in the bowl. Make sure your nails get a dip in it properly. Let them inside for at least 10 to 15 minutes to soften the glue. 
  • Dip your nails in a small bowl containing acetone after removing your hands from the warm soapy water. You have to relax your nails there for just a few seconds or minutes because acetone is not that good for your skin.
  • You will observe that the nail glue deteriorates from your fake nails at this stage. Therefore, pop off the nails gently from the base where it meets the cuticle. Doing this will prevent your natural nails from damage and come off quickly. 
  • After removing all the fake nails, you’ll find some nail glue stuck with your natural nails. Again soak your hands in the warm water for a few minutes for its removal. 
  • You may remove some of the nail glue with the help of a nail clipper. Apply the cuticle oil on your nails with the help of a cotton ball.
  • If still there is nail glue stuck on your nail, use a buffer to buff your nails. Buffing your nails will surely get rid of all the adhesive from your nails. 
  • At last, apply some oil or moisturizer to your nails to keep them hydrated.

It’s highly recommended to stay away from fake nails for at least two weeks after the removal of artificial nails. This is necessary for the maintenance of the good health of your nails. 

However, I know it’s hard for you to resist, so take care of your nails properly by hydrating and cleaning them. 

How can you get rid of the nail glue from your skin?

Nail glue may have an allergic reaction to your skin. Not at all good for your skin if the nail glue sticks with your skin. Therefore, the first step to avoid this problem is to carefully apply the glue on the nail bed to prevent it from damaging your skin. 

Unfortunately, if your skin experiences exposure to your skin, you should remove it immediately. How? 

People will mainly recommend you use some nail paint remover, but it’s not a safer option. The direct and prolonged contact of acetone with your skin can cause dryness and allergy to your skin. Therefore, you should prefer some safer alternatives.

The simplest solution is to apply a hand lotion on the area covered by nail glue and massage it in a circular motion. Keep rubbing until all the glue is flaked away. 

After it, wash your hands with soap and warm water to wash off all the glue elements. Finally, apply a moisturizer or oil for the nourishment of your skin. 

Final opinion 

To conclude, I’d like to say that nail glue is a gem for us in the world of fake nails. Without nail glue, we’ll be unable to enjoy the lust for artificial nails. 

All you need is to learn the correct procedures for dealing with nail glues, and here you are ready to use them. However, you should go for top-quality adhesive, especially if your skin and nails are pretty sensitive.

Hopefully, this article will aid you in dealing with the nail glues perfectly, without facing any problem. 

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