Can You Reuse Press-on Nails

Press-on nails are most recommended to try in this hectic world surrounded by fashion. Press-on nails are an awesome way to make your nails look quite pretty and chic. One more good point is that you may put them on in almost no time.


Moreover, they are super easy to get without expending a bunch of money. You even don’t need to go to a salon. Presently, press-on are designed perfectly to create a professional finish at home. Different brands are offering press-on with alluring colors, shapes, and sizes to meet the trend.

In addition to all these remarkable features, one most amazing plus point, which makes them most recommend, lies in using them again and again.

Yes! They are reusable if used correctly. Usually, they may last up to 2 weeks in single-use without popping off.

Let’s have a look to figure out further details of press-on nails being reusable.

What Tips Should be Followed to Make Press-on Nails Reusable?

You may save your press-on nails for use further times if they are in good condition. You need to take their proper care regularly like any other manicure. Make sure to adopt a proper look-after routine while wearing them to retain the pretty look of your fake nails. Some of those effective tips are;

Apply Cuticle Oil

If you want to make your artificial nails reusable, make sure to apply cuticle oil to your hands regularly. The application of cuticle oil moisturizes your nails to make them healthy. Moreover, apply any lotion to nourish your hands to provide nail extensions with a better surface.

Apply a Top Gel Coat

It’s your uttermost duty to check your press-on extensions frequently and apply a top gel coat to protect them from any harm. A top gel coat covers the surface of nails and secures nails in a better way.

Wear Gloves During House Chores

If you are putting on press-on extensions for a week or more, you need to be quite conscious to avoid any damage. Your nails would be protected and reusable if you are putting on thin gloves during washing dishes, clothes, and any other household tasks.

Avoid Water and Moisture

Your nail extensions would last longer and remain safe for next use if water is kept away from them. Contact with water and soaking hands into the water may disturb the sticking ability of nail glue and soften artificial nails which may result in popping off or breakage of false nails.

Avoid Any Force

If you are applying any force on your press-on nails willingly or mistakenly, it may destroy false nails. Moreover, make sure to avoid any force to retain press-on for a large period and for reusing them.

How to Apply and Remove Reusable Press-on Nails

If you want your press-on extensions to be usable again and again, you need to be quite careful in everything regarding them. You’ll be able to do so if you are applying and correctly removing them by following instructions.


Application of press-on with proper care is the first and most important step in this journey. You need to be careful in doing everything. You have to prepare your nails properly. For attachment of false nails, you may choose one of the sticky tabs and nail glue.

Sticky Tabs

Sticky tabs are like double-sided tape. They are attached on false extensions and then paste these extensions on your nails. Further, they usually work when you are wearing fake nails just for a day. They don’t last long and are easy to pop off after an event.

Nail Glue

Nail glue is a commonly known adhesive to apply press-on nails. But you have to be pretty attentive while choosing nail glue for your false nails. You need to avoid any super glue or any other hard glue. Hard glue can damage your natural nails and dissolve manufactured nails too. While applying press-on nails with nail glue make sure to remove any excessive and hardened glue instantly otherwise it may weaken your press-on nails in single-use. 


  Your press-on nails would be used again or not?

It entirely depends on how you are removing them. You need to remove them in an appropriate procedure rather than push them abruptly. This procedure should be done so smoothly to avoid any kind of damage to fake nails. Several appropriate ways to remove your false nails are stated below;

Soapy Warm Water with Oil

While removing synthetic nails, warm water is the best medium to soak your hands in. You may add some soap and oil into this water to get better results leaving your hands and nails smooth. You may soak your hands for 10-20 minutes, nail glue would soften and be easy to remove press-on nails by pushing off them gently. The time for soaking your hands would be less if sticky tabs are used. They may start losing adhesiveness after 5-10 minutes of being soaked.

Acetone Method

If you want a quick method to remove your synthetic nails without any struggle and time, you may go for the acetone method. You just need to soak your hands in acetone for a short time.

Acetone would show the best results if slightly warmer. Moreover, it is mostly used method for removing fake nails and nail polish. One thing to be mentioned is that only good-quality press-on nails can withstand acetone, others may dissolve in such a strong chemical.

Cuticle Oil

If your nails have started popping off, you may apply some cuticle oil and push them off gently.

Remove any adhesive from press-on nails by using acetone for saving them for next time.

Bottom Line

Finally, you are well aware of new and chic press-on nails. You are free to choose one of your needs.

You may use good-quality press-on nails again and again. All you need is to take their care properly and apply and remove them appropriately.

Go and choose a high-quality press-on kit to get glamour on your nails without going to the salon.

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