Can You Paint Fake Nails

In this era of nail art, every lady must be curious to create a magical charm on her nails. In this  situation, fake nails are the fastest and most safe place to generate a glamorous look.


You can wear different kinds of fashionable nails, according to your requirements. Acrylic, Glue-on, and silk nails are top-listed while choosing synthetic nails.

Here the question arises Can you paint your fake nails?

Yes!! Of course, you are putting on nails to do nail art and to create a delightful look. Without painting nails, it is probably impossible to develop that charming touch.

Fake nails are not good-looking enough without coloring them. So, you need to paint and manage them to create a good look.

You must be very careful in choosing a satisfactory way for painting different false nails. Various products and different steps are recommended for distinct types of nails.

Let dive into the article to get further details.

Essential Steps to Paint Fake Nails

If you are painting any false nails, you must know some necessary basics. Some of

these general basics are noted here;

● Proper cleansing and drying of nails

● Apply base coat

● Apply nail shade

● Apply top coat

These steps can help you a lot while dying any nails for any event.

Several Fake Nails That Can Be Painted

You can use numerous kinds of fake nails. But it is tough to choose the one which can be painted to make it look more pretty and attractive. Some of such nails are listed below.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are the most advance and widely used synthetic nails nowadays. But why would you wear them if you can’t paint them?

Indeed, you are using them to create an eye-catchy look, not just to shield your natural nails. It’s a very fantastic thing to paint your acrylics.

However, you need to be very conscious while painting them. First of all, remove any old polish (there should be no leftovers).

While removing old nail polish, make sure to use an acetone-free remover. The most sensitive task is to clean acrylics by using a smooth wipe. The product you are using must be acrylic-friendly.

The next thing is to apply a base coat, but make sure that nails are appropriately dry. You can use a double coat to prevent your acrylics in a better way.

The next step is the foremost step that is to apply nail polish or acrylic paint. You need to be pretty choosy in the selection of suitable acrylic-friendly nail paint. Using shellac, ordinary nail polish, and acrylic paint is recommended for acrylics.

The final thing is to apply a double or triple layer of topcoat, but nail paint must be dry. This topcoat will help you to protect the nail paint and last it longer.

● Gel Nails

Gel nails are used frequently at this time. You can paint your gel nails often to enjoy new stunning looks. But painting gel nail is slightly delicate and different from painting ordinary nails. First of all, you need to prepare your gel nails for coloring.

The first and foremost thing is to buff the top coat of nails to discard their shiny appearance and create a rough texture.

Then it would be best if you wiped gel nails to remove any dust and make them clean and clear. Further, apply a gel base coat that protects nails and makes the paint adhere firmly.

Let go of the primary step, which is painting on your favorite dye and style. Applying at least two coats of dye is recommended to get a more satisfying look. Then the gel polish is dried by using UV light.

At last, you need to apply a double layer of topcoat to protect your nail dye and last it long. This topcoat will make your nails shine. It will also create a more eye-catchy finishing glance.

● Silk Nails

Silk nails are the most elegant and thin fake nails. They are light in weight to be carried on your natural nails.

They are very shiny due to silk wrap and seal. They can even create a very fascinating and a natural look without any paint. But it’s up to you to paint them to get your favorite color or any of your favorite styles to get on.

All you need is just to apply the desired polish or do any nail art on thoroughly done silk nails. You can use different kinds of dyes on them. In the end, put a single or double layer of topcoat over after the color has been dried enough.

● Press-on Nails

Press on nails is the easiest and quickest to put on for any urgent situation. They are the safest for your natural nails. You can paint on them before applying or after applying them to your fingernails. All things you need to paint them before applying are false nails, wanted nail varnish, sellotape, and cotton bud.

First, paste sellotape on the back of the press-on nail and then attach one end of the cotton bud to the sellotape. The second thing is to apply nail paint on your false nails. The first coat of pigment should be thick enough to cover the entire nail.

Then apply a second coat to get darker pigment. Finally, use a final topcoat to give a more elegant finishing touch. In the end, apply this painted fake nail to your natural nail.

After applying natural nails, you can paint them the same as natural nails.

Which products can be used to paint nails?

Some of the different types of products to paint fake nails are;

● Ordinary nail polish

● Gel polish

● Acrylic paint

● Shellac


Finally, it’s confirmed that you could paint your fake nails. Further, you can decide an appropriate product for painting different kinds of synthetic nails.

I am sure this detailed information would help you a lot while choosing and painting different pigments. So enjoy your favorite nail art and colors!

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