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100 Ft 50 Amp rv Extension Cord


No more upset in power transmit to your RV

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⚡【Heavy Duty Extension Cord 100FT】

6/3+8/1 Gauge STW wire made of 100% copper coated with PVC to provide weather resistant, good conductivity, more flexible and necessary length to connect the campground or park power to your RV, motorhome, trailer or vehicle.

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⚡【 Twist lock & LED Power Indicator 】

50 Amp Male to 50Amp Female locking connector is watertight molded plug with a threaded ring for weatherproof connection, and the LED power indicator will glows green when there is power.

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⚡【Power Grip Plug & 90°Heads】

Finger grip plug allows you to plug in or unplug easily. Strain relief structure makes the cord not easy to break. 90°Heads maintain flexibility and reduce pressure on the cord.

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100 Ft 50 Amp Rv Extension Cord Details


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Power Grip Plug & 90°Heads

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Twist Locking Connector & LED Power Indicator

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30 Amp Male to 50 Amp Female RV Plug Adapter

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    This cord is built like a tank and weighs just as much

    I was surprised at how heavy this cord is and how well-made it is. I purchased this cord so that I could charge my Tesla at an RV site. The charging cord that comes with the car is about 20 feet too short so this cord more than makes up for that and it is more than capable of handling the 50 amp current. The price was a little higher than I wanted to pay but it is well worth it and I am very happy with my purchase.

    This cord is sturdy!

    I cut off the female end of the cord and added a second male connector to make an emergency generator connection cable to back feed my house through the RV receptacle I installed at my power panel (you must shut off the main when doing this!) this cord is quality 6/3 and 8/1 thin stranded cable. It bends nicely for a cable of this gauge. It is a heavy cord, which is expected with quality copper and thick jacketing. I did like the fact that they power the inside of the cable to help the conductors slip backs and forth so that the cable will not link or tangle easily.

    Antalaya Israel
    I love these !!!!

    I use this to extend my mobile charger comes with my Tesla M3. Since I installed the NEMA14-50 outlet in a bad place. When we purchased another Model Y, the cable of the mobile charger cannot reach both vehicle. The extension cable is here to rescue. I found this is probably the cheapest one available in all the sites I searched. It's made of good quality material, very thick while still flexible.